If You’re A Parent, You’ll Want These Awesome New Products For Babies And Kids

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Check out some of the year’s most exciting products to enter the market for baby and kids. From a stroller that can fit in your purse to a changing pad that can track your baby’s growth—it’s obvious that the makers of these products know parents.

1. Mountain Buggy Unirider

The Unirider ($99) is a slick alternative to a stroller or push-trike and teaches early riders balance, while allowing parents easy one-hand pushing capability.

Mountain Buggy Unirider

2. Bumkins Superhero Collection

Just in time for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bumkins line of superhero products is epic. From caped-bibs to teethers, you’re sure to find something to inspire the hero in your little one.

3. Mumbrella

It is nearly impossible to push a stroller and hold anything in the other hand, especially a squirrelly umbrella. Two moms from Brooklyn, New York, have solved the problem with the Mumbrella. The Mumbrella ($40) attaches directly to the stroller. It features a wind slot to prevent the umbrella from blowing inside-out, and it folds down flat against the frame of the stroller when not in use.

4. Sticky Bellies Brag Blocks

Like those cute stickers, or handwritten chalkboards, these blocks will help you celebrate milestones. Remember the years and months with these cute brag blocks from Sticky Bellies ($15).

Sticky Bellies Brag Blocks

5. Itzy Ritzy Moccasins

Itzy Ritzy, known for cute wet bags and reusable snack packs, is now in the moccasins business. These mocs are leather, adorable and more affordable ($30) than competitors currently on the market.

6. Aiden + Anais Nursing Pillows

Known for their cute muslin blankets and sleep sacks, Aiden + Anais have added nursing pillows ($50) to their line in the same adorable muslin fabrics we’ve come to love. Covers available for $15.

Nursing Pillow

7. BabyLit Emma Board Book

With titles like Pride and Prejudice, Anna Karenina and Jane Eyre, BabyLit delights parents and tots alike. The newest installment Emma helps kiddos get in touch with their emotions… of course.


8. Svan Ice Cream Stand

So cheerful and happy, this ice cream stand gives kids the chance to scoop up some fun by dishing out their favorite frozen treats from this wooden ice cream stand ($130).

9. Mountain Buggy Bag Rider

If you’ve ever dragged your children through the airport in a stroller or by the hand, you can understand why this product is so great. Mountain Buggy’s Bag Rider ($99) is an actual suitcase with built-in straps and kickstand to pull kids through the airport. The Bag Rider will be launched mid-2016.

10. Kiband Child Tracker

Want to give your child a bit of freedom to play outside, but set boundaries you know they will keep?  The Kiband Child Tracker ($149) is a proximity device that parents lock on their child’s wrist after setting distance ranges on their corresponding phone app. If their child approaches an unsafe distance, the Kiband will vibrate, and if they pass that point, an 85-decieal alarm will sound.


11. Mountain Buggy Freerider

Ride this scooter alone ($99), or attach to any stroller with an extra attachment ($25).


12. Evenflo Breast Pump Adaptor

Take away at least one hassle of pumping with these easy adaptors by Evenflo ($10).  They can be used with any machine and any bag—no bottles necessary.

Breast Pump Adaptor

13. Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat

Now that kids are supposed to sit rear-facing until at least age 2, the big question is: Where will they put their legs? This car seat addresses those concerns with a five-inch panel that extends from the base to serve as a footrest for bigger kids ($170).


14. GB Pockit Stroller

Easily the coolest and smallest stroller on the planet—it can collapse in seconds and fit in your tote bag ($250).


15. Prince Lionheart Wheely Hedgehog

The latest animal in Prince Lionheart’s Wheely collection, the hedgehog is soft and adorable ($85).

Prince Lionheart Wheely Hedgehod

16. The First Years Mickey Mouse Feeding and Activity Seat

This Mickey-themed seat will keep kids busy and happy.  Attaches to a regular chair and includes removable, dishwasher safe tray ($40).

Mickey Mouse Feeding Chair

17. Qdos Burner Guard

Keep wondering hands safe with this functional, yet also pretty darn stylish burner guard.



18. B. Box Weighted Sippy Cups

The weighted straw moves with the liquid making it possible for your tot to drink no matter the angle of the cup ($12).

19. HatchBaby Changing Pad

New moms will love this changing pad with built-in Wi-Fi scale and quick technology that will allow them to record weight, diapering info and more directly from the changing table to a mobile app ($249).

20. BooginHead SippiSnack Cup

Your tot can carry their drink and their snacks all in one convenient container. The SippiSnack ($10) upper compartment is even large enough to hold a pacifier for younger babes.

SippiSnack Cup


21. EzPz Happy Mat

This silicone mat with built-in plate ($25) is amazing.  Not only does it hold the food, but it sticks to the table—really sticks—so no more cleaning up thrown plates.

EzPz Happy Mat

22. 4Moms High Chair

This high chair fixes all the problems of every other high chair. The tray is magnetic! Not only does it magnetically attach to the chair itself, but buy the compatible bowl and plate and the magnetic tray holds them in place ($299).

23. Skip Hop Phone Tether

We all know that sometimes the magic of the phone saves the day and stops tantrums in their tracks. This little phone tether solves the problem of dropped phones and cracked screens ($12).

Phone tether

24. Boon Bento Lunch Box

This nifty lunch box has compartments to make packing a breeze. The top features a silicone cover to easily stow silverware and napkins ($17).

Boon Bento Lunch Box

25. Ubbi Diaper Pail

Finally, a diaper pail that doesn’t scream diaper pail. Available in three cute new patterns ($80).

26. Boon Snug

This silicone covers attach to any cup making them easier for tots to handle. Available in sippy or straw lids, the Boon Snug eliminates the need for all those extra sippy cups ($10).


27. Taga 2.0 Bike

Known for their awesome three-wheeled bike/stroller Taga has changed the way we move. And, the newest addition to their line has to be the coolest family bike we have ever seen.  If you think so too, you can pre-order through Kickstarter.  The cargo compartment is included (Starting at $649), and add-ons like seats, canopies and even water guns are available for you to customize your ride.

Taga Bike

28. Kid Lid

If you have a toddler, and that toddler plays with your phone, you know their favorite button is the “home” button. The one problem? The minute they hit it, they are immediately frustrated because they’ve lost the game or whatever bizarre YouTube egg-opening video they were watching.  Save them from themselves with this nifty little phone cover that covers the “kill” switch.  ($26)

Kid Lid

29. PlayTape Road Series

This tape is so simple, yet so fun.  Create a super highway right in your living room.  Tape is made of paper so it is easy to tear, and easy to clean up with no residue. ($10)

Play Tape

30. Kinsa Smart Thermometer

This smart thermometer takes temperature readings in seconds and will track the health history of each member of your family.  If it registers a fever, it will also suggest next steps. ($17)

Kinsa Thermometer

31. Food Cubby

Suctions to the plate to keep runny food from spreading.  Bonus, the Food Cubby acts as a backboard for your kid’s fork – no more fingers needed to scoop food onto utensils. ($10 For Two)

Food Cubby

32. LugBug

If you have carried an infant car seat you know it is a unique form of torture.  It is awkward and heavy, but luckily two dads have solved all our problems.  The LugBug is an ergonomic handle that disperses the wait, essentially eliminating the dreaded forearm pain. ($40)


33. OogieBear

Perfect for picking your kid’s nose without getting your fingers dirty.  The tiny scoop lets you quickly get the boogers without the booger mess.  ($19 for 2)


34. Primo Shower Chair

Like a highchair, but for the shower.  Strap your baby into this five-point harness shower chair and bathe your baby in any shower, no bathtub required. ($123)

Primo Shower Chair

35. Chichic Mini Popsicle Molds

This mini popsicle mold makes bite-sized frozen treats for your tots. Get creative and create all kinds of popsicle goodness – our favorite is a mix of orange juice and vanilla yogurt for easy creamsicles. ($12)

Mini Popsicle Molds

36. ZoLi Mash Bowl and Spoon

The flat bottom spoon and circular ridges in the bowl make smashing food for baby a snap.  Throw this set in your diaper bag and have fresh food for baby wherever you go. ($16)

ZoLi Mash Bowl and Spoon

37. Graco Duet Connect LX Swing and Bouncer

If you have the reoccurring nightmare of being buried alive under all the baby gear it seems your infant requires then this swing is for you. No need to buy a separate bouncy chair. The removable swing seat doubles as a bouncer. ($126)

Graco Duet

38. Cosco Monster Umbrella Stroller

Like any good umbrella stroller this one is lightweight and easy to carry.  Bonus, it’s also adorable and your kid will love going for a stroll inside a monster’s mouth. ($25)

Monster Stroller

39. Dr. Brown’s Elephant Toothbrush

Soft and safe for baby’s first teeth, this toothbrush is also designed to keep bristles from hitting the counter – which tops my pet peeve list.  The ears act as a stand when your little one lays the brush down to spit. ($10)

Brown's Toothbrush

40. First Years Peace Portable Sound Machine

Some babes require white noise to drift off to sleep.  This tiny little sound machine is easy to pack in your diaper bag and the flexible strap easily hooks to your child’s car seat or stroller. ($15)

Sound Machine

41. My Carry Potty

Potty training is arguably one of the worst parts of parenting, but this little potty makes it somewhat easier.  Great for those on-the-go gotta go’s, the cute design is also functional because the lid is air-tight making it leak-proof and odor-free. Look for matching wipes containers soon too. ($30)

My Carry Potty

42. Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Training Chopstick

The newest member of Skip Hop’s Zoo mealtime line, the training chopstick is adorable and functional.  Teach kids how to use chopsticks and once they’ve mastered the skill, the rubber guide serves as a rest.  ($7)

Skip Hop

43. Tegu Blues Pocket Pouch

Tegu might make the coolest magnetic blocks on the market and now they come in a fresh, new and cool color palette. These wooden blocks come in a variety of sets and colors. ($25)

Tegu Blues

44. Nuna Leaf Bouncer & Wind Bundle

The Nuna Leaf Bouncer is known for gentle swaying (up to two minutes) with a single touch. This year, Nuna introduced the Wind attachment to provide continuous motion.  This bouncer has a lot of added features too, most notably it holds up to 130 pounds!  That means no more yelling at older siblings for climbing into baby’s seat – this one’s for everyone. (Bundle $320)

Albee Baby

45. FeverFrida

From the makers of the awesome (but disgusting) NoseFrida, the FeverFrida checks your baby’s temperature every four seconds through a little bluetooth patch placed under their arm.  It can even send an alert to your smart phone when the temperature rises above a predetermined threshold – meaning you no longer have to wake your sick baby to constantly check his temperature. ($70)


46. SoapSox Bath Scrub

Bath time can be a chore, and this product is designed to make it more fun.  SoapSox is made out of a antimicrobial sponge and has a special compartment for soap to maximize sudsing. Choose from a variety of animal designs. ($15)