27 Things Siblings Raised By Strict Parents Will Totally Understand

  1. You were always the first to leave a party because of curfew
  2. You had to prepare a 5-slide Power Point and negotiate a contract about not drinking to spend the night at a friend’s house, which took 2 business days to approve
  3. You can’t hang out at the last minute, because of said contract above
  4. Like an interview, you’d prepare answers to the questions your parents would ask, so you’d have the perfect answer
  5. Is dad in a bad mood? Forget about asking for those shinny jeans
  6. You’ve mastered the sad puppy dog eyes to get what you want
  7. Asking for something twice never worked. No means no
  8. You were only allowed to go out one night, not both
  9. You lied about where you were, who you were with and if the parents were home
  10. You only cursed in the car, never in front of them
  11. You had “The Talk” with your parents, and they gave you a book to read about puberty
  12. It wasn’t acceptable to have anything less than a “B”
  13. You sometimes still find yourself using your arm length to measure if your skirt or shorts are the proper length
  14. Tattoos, funky hair color, and multiple piercings would have resulted in a month-long grounding
  15. You were a master at changing the channel from MTV to Animal Planet when your parents walked into the room
  16. Your parents were always chaperones at school dances (yeaaaay)
  17. You received constant lectures about manners, etiquette, and not being “raised in a barn”
  18. A spontaneous trip had to wait until college – out of sight, out of mind
  19. Persons of the opposite sex were never allowed in your room
  20. You sneak your friend over that’s been dubbed the “bad influence”
  21. You’ve discovered which door or window doesn’t have an alarm so you can sneak out
  22. Your parents had your career path plotted out since you were seven
  23. Your friends don’t want to come over because your parents are so strict
  24. Your parents call your friends’ parents to make sure you’re where you’re supposed to be
  25. You never were allowed to call your parents by their first names
  26. If you didn’t respond to a call/text/voicemail within 2 minutes, the National Guard would be called
  27. There are rules for EVERYTHING