3 DIY tricks to make your car smell like new again

If you haven’t been to the car wash recently, you may be missing that “new car” smell. The accumulation of fast food runs, tossing your kids’ soccer gear in the backseat and letting your pup jump in the front seat after a trip to the dog beach can all lead to your car smelling less than fresh. Short of going to the dealer and springing for a brand-new ride, is there anything you can do to get your car smelling sweet again?

Yes! Here are three DIY tricks that will leave the interior of your car smelling better than the day you drove it off the lot:

1. Try Dryer Sheets

Is there any better smell than a load of laundry straight from the dryer? No, my friends, there is not. And if you use dryer sheets during your dry cycle, you know that only enhances the fresh scent. Turns out you can put those dryer sheets to good use in your car too. According to Redditor j-mt, all you need to do is store an open box under the front seat of you car for a pleasant scent that will last more than three months.


2. Use A Little Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of those staples that seems to have infinite uses. From absorbing odors in your fridge to being a key ingredient when you whip up your own teeth-whitening paste, is there anything this humble powerhouse can’t do? Well, you can add car deodorizer to the list. The blog Sweet Pennies from Heaven suggests sprinkling it on the carpets and seats, scrubbing it in with a brush and letting it sit overnight. Vacuum it up in the morning for a car interior that smells brand new.

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Getty Images | Stephen Lovekin


3. Mix Rice With Essential Oils

If you want to go the totally natural route, all you need to do is cook up some jasmine rice and then add in 15-20 drops of a sweet-smelling essential oil. Examples that would definitely do the trick include peppermint, lavender or lemon. It all depends on your personal preference! Mix up your concoction, place it in a dish and then put it in your car.

The Homemade Experiment

Any tricks we’re missing?

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