These 3-ingredient ‘brownies’ are actually good for you


Rich and chocolatey, brownies are the ultimate sweet indulgence. The ubiquitous American dessert can be gooey or more cake-like, depending on the recipe — but because the ingredient lists often call for large amounts of butter, chocolate, eggs and sugar, they’re not the healthiest treat to devour.

Seeking a better-for-you alternative? You’re in luck: Well+Good has a recipe for a healthier brownie that you only need three ingredients to make: bananas, peanut butter and cacao powder. The flourless peanut butter banana brownies will satisfy your sweet cravings. They also have potential health benefits since the ingredients are packed with digestion-friendly fiber, plant protein and minerals such as iron and potassium. 


Plus, the easy recipe only takes only about 30 minutes to prepare. According to the instructions, all you need to do is mash the bananas in a bowl, mix them with the peanut butter and cacao powder, and bake them for up to 20 minutes in a parchment paper-protected baking dish. The result is a fudge-forward treat that you can enjoy any time of day, including breakfast.

Another variation from a recipe at Feeding Tiny Bellies suggests pureéing the bananas, sweetening the batter with a touch of maple syrup, and incorporating some add-ins, which could include anything from crushed pretzels and a nut butter drizzle to chopped nuts and chocolate chips. 

If bananas aren’t your favorite, consider this recipe for three-ingredient vegan brownies from The Edge Veg. It calls for brewed coffee, a can of black beans and a package of brownie mix (many brands are “accidentally vegan,” the website notes). Or for a more decadent treat, opt for Ree Drummond’s three-ingredient brownies recipe, which features chocolate-hazelnut spread, flour and eggs.


For those who just want a more traditional pan of brownies, though (no judgment), the recipe options are endless. There are variations with Dr. Pepper, cherry pie filling, apple cinnamon flavors and more.

Which brownie recipe are you going to make?

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