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3 Super Simple Steps To Get Your Dishwasher Clean

How often do you clean your dishwasher?

You may not think you need to clean your dishwasher. After all, it’s a cleaning appliance and therefore should always be clean. However, even your dishwasher needs a little love and attention once in a while.

The bottom filter can get gunked up with food and can cause some funky smells and the sides and top can build up residue on them. Plus, once you clean it, it will look sparkling new on the inside.

One Good Thing by Jillee provided a super easy three step process to clean your dishwasher. Check out the video below:

Here are the 3 steps you should do every 6 months:

  1. Take out the bottom rack and clean out the filter area (it may have a lot of gunk and debris in it).
  2. Add a cup of white vinegar to a dishwashing safe container and place it on the top rack.  Then, run your otherwise empty dishwasher on the hottest option.
  3. After the vinegar cycle is complete, sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom area and run a short hot cycle again.