3 Ways To Keep Clothes From Falling Off Their Hangers

We all struggle with this issue – clothes falling off hangers and onto the floor. It’s annoying, it’s frustrating and for clothes that wrinkle easily, finding them in a crumpled mess at the bottom of your closet as you’re wanting to toss them on and run out the door is such an inconvenience. Either change your wardrobe or get out the iron and be late.

If you struggle from the above, then keep reading, I’ve got three ways to help keep clothes properly on their hangers. Eath method provides a nice little grip so the garment is less likely to slip off.

Method #1: Glue Gun Grip

  • Take a hanger and starting about 1/2 way down the hanger, zig-zag the glue across the top
  • Do the other side
  • Allow to dry

glue gun

Method #2: Pipe Cleaners

  • Starting about 3/4 way down the hanger, wrap the pipe cleaner around the hanger
  • Repeat on other side

Pipe cleaner

Method #3: Rubber Band

  • Put 3-5 rubber bands around the point of the hanger
  • Repeat on other side

rubber band