3 Ways To Treat Yourself (Even When You Have No Time)

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With the summer fast approaching, schedules can go from manageable to frantic in the blink of an eye. Treat yourself from time to time. But with that precious free time becoming increasingly rare, how can you find a moment to ease the stress and do something nice for you?

Here’s 3 ways to help yourself slow down and be less stressed.

1. Take The “Guilty” Out Of “Guilty Pleasures”

Everybody has that one little thing (or many little things) that they do to keep them going, but would feel guilty about if they thought about it too hard or admitted it to anyone. Getting the whole milk instead of skim in your latte because it’s a little bit sweeter. Renting that movie you’ve been meaning to watch for months – and actually watching it.

By allowing yourself to do these as well-earned rewards rather than feeling guilty about them, you can embrace them as pleasant little moments that can really recharge your week.

So order the regular latte. Get it with whole milk, and make it a large while you’re at it. And get it every time you have to trudge to the grocery store this season.

Or if lattes aren’t your thing, maybe it’s having a piece of chocolate or a getting bouquet of flowers or trying a new lip color. Find what will bring a smile to your face or a little peace in your day – and go for it.

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2. Double Down On Your Time

Take the time you’d normally be doing one thing and overlap it with a second activity.

It’s not quite multitasking because you’re taking one relatively idle activity and overlapping it with a more enjoyable activity, rather than trying to do two productive things at once.

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3. Just Take A Breath And Breathe

Sometimes, all you need to do in order to lower stress and recharge is to pause, take a deep breath and appreciate something small.

Maybe a song you love is playing on the radio. Perhaps you caught a whiff of lavender or a delicious dish baking at your favorite restaurant down the street. Breathe it in and savor it. Light a candle. Read a chapter in that book.

If nothing else, turn to your family and friends. They can be an endless source of wonderful little things to appreciate.

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