More Than 300 Companies Are Closed For Election Day

Let’s face it— voting on a Tuesday can be downright inconvenient. Of course, you can avoid the hassle by voting early, but unless you’re prepared to take time off from work, Tuesday voting can mean standing in line after you clock out at 5 p.m.

But, according to CNN Money, some companies are offering their employees paid holiday time on Nov. 8 to ensure that they’re able to get out and cast their votes. Companies such as General Motors, Ford Motors, Hearst Publishing, Patagonia and even digital media company Thrillist are giving workers a break this Election Day. That only makes it all the more simple to vote, and ultimately, that’s making the entire process a little more democratic. As it should be!

Some of the companies have been doing this whole Election Day-off policy for a while, but others are entirely new to it. For example, this is the first year Thrillist will be giving workers the holiday.

“It has certainly raised more awareness within our employees that voting is really important,” Marjorie Ajero, vice president of Human Resources, told CNN Money “I think a lot of employees are proud we have the day off.”

According to Mental Floss, Tuesday has been Election Day in America since 1845. The publication also notes that countries with election days that fall on the weekends have a much better voter turn-out than America, which makes sense.

Until Election Day gets moved to a different day of the week other than Tuesday, all you can do is take the necessary measures to make sure you get your vote in on time. Vote early, take an extra long lunch break, do whatever it takes. Because your vote matters.

And if your workplace isn’t among this list of over 300 that offer Election Day as a holiday, CNN Money recommends you try and change that. Visit the Take Off Election Day website to send your company an anonymous email that encourages them to make a change in company policy, just for this one very important day.

[h/t: Mental Floss]