33 Holiday Items To Buy At The Dollar Store

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Who doesn’t love the holidays? Presents, pretty decorations, delicious food, happy kiddos…it’s so exciting, we can’t wait!

But, there is one thing we don’t like about the holidays. All the money it costs! Creating a beautiful holiday can break the bank—but it doesn’t have to. Here are 33 holiday must-haves that you can find at the dollar store, which means you will have money leftover for a nice prezzie or two for yourself!


1.Holiday Name Tags

Every present must have a name on it, and the dollar store makes that incredibly easy and cheap.

2. Ribbons

Ribbons should never cost more than a dollar. Come on, it’s getting ripped right off the box!

3. Wrapping Paper

Yep, wrapping paper is also just getting ripped right off. Why waste $10 on a fancy roll? Trust us, kids only care about what is INSIDE the paper.

4. Christmas Mugs

Perfect for gifts! Get a few mugs, stuff them with a few homemade cookies or a $10 gift card to Starbucks and make some of your kids’ teachers sooo happy.

Dollar Tree

5. Baking Supplies

Need a Christmas cookie cutter? Dollar store. Pie plate? Dollar store? Cake server? Dollar store.

6. Hanukkah Party Accessories

Celebrate Hanukkah without breaking the bank.

Dollar Tree

7. Christmas Tree Skirts

Okay, if you are spending more than a dollar on your tree skirt, you’re just wasting money you could be using on your OWN SKIRTS.

8. Napkins, Plates, Silverware

Festive, affordable party-ware is always cheap at your local dollar store.

Dollar Tree

9. Ornaments

Need to decorate a tree or two quickly and on the cheap? Get some ornaments the dollar store.

10. Candy

Festive candy in seasonal wrapping makes for a sweet, simple, one-size-fits-all gift. Grab a handful or two and you will always have a gift on hand whenever you need one.

11. Tissue Paper

Stock up and never waste money at Target or Wal-Mart on tissue paper again!

12. Gift Bows

Same for bows! Get a few bags. You’re set until the kids go to college.

13. Christmas Lanterns

Perfect for making your home, office, or school classroom festive.

Dollar Tree

14. Stockings

Get yourself to the dollar store and get not just one, but multiple stockings, for just a dollar. Perfect for decorating and gift giving.

15. Santa Hats

Yes, you can be jolly without breaking the bank.

16. Garland

Whether you want something shiny or classic, you can find cheap, pretty garland at the dollar store.

17. Place Mats

Make your kids smile with seasonal place mats.

Dollar Tree

18. Serving Platters

Need to bring a platter of cookies to your kid’s school? Grab a snowman-themed platter from the dollar store. You won’t even mind if your kid forgets to bring it home!

19. Bowls

Holiday colored bowls are perfect for putting out chips, nuts, and other party-ready snacks.

20. Pumpkin Puree

Yes, you can buy it at the dollar store.

21. Baking Soda

You are going to need to some for all your holiday baking!

22. Sugar

Goes without saying! Get at least two bags.

23. Cherry Pie Filling

A dessert that won’t blow your budget.

24. Cookie And Cake Decorations

 Frosting, sprinkles, cupcake wrappers—you name it, the dollar store has it.

25. Hats, Gloves, Scarves

These are perfect for you, but also make for wonderful holiday donations. Homeless shelters and other organizations are always in need of clothing for cold weather.

26. Christmas Cards

Never spend more than a buck on these cards! It’s the thought that counts, not the expensive name brand on the back of the card.

27. Marquee Lights

 Twinkling ecor that spells out “Joy” and “Peace” is perfect for dressing up your home or office.

28. Christmas Wreaths

Get several and make your home as merry as you please.

29. Christmas Lights

No, really! You can get strands and strands for just a dollar! At this price, you won’t worry when they blow out, as all lights eventually do.

30. Socks

Again, perfect for donations and for your own family’s feet! Holiday-themed socks are always a fun way to accessorize.

31. Holiday Buckets

These themed decorative buckets will make for easy gift-giving, whether you want to drop off a bucket of cookies at your kid’s school or your church’s bazaar.

32. Poinsettias And Berries

Decorating has never been easier or less expensive.

33. Holiday Soap And Washcloths

Because your house will soon be overflowing with family and friends!