33 Manners Every Parent Should Teach Their Child

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There are hundreds of manners and courtesies parents should teach their kids. In fact, there are so many, Sheryl Eberly wrote about it: 365 Manners Kids Should Know: Games, Activities, and Other Fun Ways to Help Children and Teens Lean Etiquette.

From “Thank-you” notes, to texting, to behavior at events, it can be an overwhelming task to decide when and how to appropriately teach your children manners. Here we breakdown 33 manners that can help them gain confidence, set them up for success and be one less thing you have to worry about.

  1. Be A Good Guest – Offer To Help And Clean Up After Playing Or Eating
  2. Be A Good Host – Greet Guests At The Door, Offer Then A Glass Of Water And Ask If They Need Anything
  3. Stand-Up (And Remove Your Cap) To Show Respect For The National Anthem
  4. They Don’t Need To Be The Center Of Attention All The Time
  5. Wait Until Everyone Has Been Served Before You Start To Eat
  6. Be Aware of Personal Space
  7. When Walking Through A Door, See If You Can Hold It Open For Someone Else
  8. When Eating, Place A Napkin On Your Lap (And Use When Necessary)
  9. Always Take Your Dishes To The Sink (And Put In The Dishwasher If Possible)
  10. Be Courteous To Elders
  11. Don’t Point Or Stare At Others
  12. Politely Change The Subject Only When Appropriate
  13. Recognize (And Acknowledge) When Someone Enters Or Leaves A Room
  14. Try To Remember People’s Names
  15. Be Sensitive To People With Disabilities
  16. Saying “Excuse Me” Is The Most Polite Way To Interrupt A Conversation If Something Is Urgent
  17. When Someone Asks How You Are, Be Sure To Ask Them How They Are In Return
  18. Knock When A Door Is Closed, And Wait For A Response Before Entering
  19. Ask Permission To Borrow Something, And Return It Where You Got It
  20. Say “Please” When Asking For Something
  21. Say “Thank-You” When Receiving Something
  22. Let Others Finish Their Conversation Before You Speak
  23. Put Down Electronics When At The Table Or Speaking To Someone Else
  24. Practice Good Sportsmanship, Regardless If You Win Or Lose
  25. Say “Thank-You” When Complimented By Someone Else
  26. Share Whenever The Opportunity Presents Itself
  27. Don’t Litter – Always Throw Garbage In A Trash Can
  28. Use A Utensil, Not Fingers, To Push Food Onto A Fork Or Spoon
  29. Don’t Burp (Or Pass Gas) In Front Of Others
  30. Chew And Swallow Food Before Speaking
  31. Take Off Your Shoes When Entering Someone’s Home
  32. Answer The Phone Politely
  33. Pushing Or Shoving Someone Else When Frustrated Is Unacceptable Behavior

What manners do you think are must-haves for kids?

Photo by Vivian Chen [陳培雯]