A 3D Printer Is This Baker’s Secret Weapon In The Kitchen

These cakes look more like works of art—but don't get me wrong, I'd totally eat them.

Remember back in school when your math teacher insisted you would use those lessons later in life? Many of us rolled our eyes and muddled through — but, if you have a sweet tooth, you may wish you had paid a bit more attention, especially to geometry.

Dinara Kasko definitely paid attention in geometry class and her prowess shows in a very unexpected way. Kasko is a pastry chef whose background in architecture allows her to create gorgeous confections with the help of a 3D printer.

She is based in Ukraine, but her treats are sweetening up social media all over the world.

Experiment. Tart #3 Rose These tarts were made for the new issue of SoGood Magazine @sogoodmag This work is the result of collaboration with José Margulis @j.margulis Great talented artist from Venezuela who works with Geometric abstractionism and Kinetic art. He creates different 3D sculptures, visual compositions of colorful plastic sheets. I tried to transform his creations, made of plastic, aluminum and acrylic, into something edible, using basic techniques and ingredients. Yet, I wanted to preserve his message and feel. It had to be an installation-performance where the art was created by José Margulis and then transformed by me into an edible piece of art which would be later consumed – thus disappear. Composition: Streusel, almond sponge cake, cherry confit, yogurt mousse. . Експеримент. Тарт #3 Роза Эти тарты были сделаны для нового выпуска кондитерского журнала SoGood Magazine. Эта работа является результатом совместной работы с José Margulis @j.margulis талантливым скульптором из Венесуэлы, который работает с геометрическим абстракционизмом и кинетическим искусством. Он создает различные 3D-скульптуры, визуальные композиции из красочных пластиковых листов. Я попыталась превратить его творения, сделанные из пластика, алюминия и акрила в кондитерские изделия, используя основные техники и ингредиенты. Тем не менее, я хотела сохранить его посыл и концепцию. Это должна была быть инсталляционная работа в которой мы трансформировали, превратили объект искусства в нечто съедобное, что вскоре исчезнет, подчеркивая эфемерность искусства, его мимолетность в нашей жизни. Внутри: ореховый штройзель, миндальный бисквит, вишневое конфи, мусс с йогуртом . #dinarakasko #cake #desserts #pastrychef #chefstalk #okmycake #pastry #pastryinspiration #cakes #kharkov #харьков #pastryart #sweets #geometry #kineticart #art #jmargulis #geometricart #sculpture #kinetic #parametric

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A quick scroll through her Instagram feed — which has more than 500,000 followers — shows how beautiful and delicious geometry can be. She uses the printer to create elaborate molds for her desserts, which end up looking like striking pieces of art.

Photo from my class in Bangkok in @sweetobsessionbkk Cake Coffee with crunchy coffee inside If you have some question you can write me, I have time to answer now😉 . Фото с мастер-класса в Бангкоке. Внутри пирожное Кофе с большим количеством конечно же кофе😊 Мы до сих пор в Таиланде, но я уже начала скучать по работе. Недели отдыха для меня вполне достаточно. Хочу поскорее приступить к проработке новых форм и рецептов. Но пока мы ещё здесь и я смотрю различные онлайн трансляции с интересными шефами, отвечаю на почту, тренирую английский и отдыхаю. . А кто дочитал до конца, можете задать мне любой вопрос, а я здесь отвечу, пока есть время. . #okmycake #pastryinspiration #chocolatejewels #pastryart #cake #kharkov #харьков #chefsofinstagram #gastroart #art #pastryart #dinarakasko #chefstalk #pastry #chefs #instadessert #foodcreation #foodartchefs #foodporn #photoart#glaze #glazing #bangkok

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How Does She Do It?

Kasko uses a 3D printer to design and create custom silicone molds. Familiar with modeling from architecture, she began with simple molds and used a friend’s 3D printer. Soon after, Kasko upgraded to an Ultimaker 3, according to 3Dnatives, which is an innovative device that incorporates two materials into the printing process.

She’s said the detailed molds can take as long as 30 hours to complete. As a result, she brings a new level of precision to her baking. Once the molds are complete, she uses them to form divine desserts.

Watch how Kasko does it in the video below.

They look more like sculptures than pieces of food! This cake below is actually made up of 81 individual mini confections. Like snowflakes, each one is unique.

You can order my moulds at Classes 6-8, 10-12 Moscow @sugar_art_studio 4-6 December Bucharest @icephotelschool This project was made for the presentation of new chocolate Ruby. The idea was to create a set of elements (cakes) that together would form a single composition. As a result, we got algorithmically modeled cake that consisted of 81 individual cakes, every single was unique in shape. This composition was made using a graphical algorithm editor Grasshopper that can build forms from the simple to the awe-inspiring. . Этот проект был сделан специально для презентации нового шоколада Ruby от Cacao Barry в Шанхае. Идея заключалась в том, чтобы создать множество элементов (пирожных), которые вместе будут формировать единую композицию. В итоге мы получили динамический рисунок который состоит из 81 пирожного, каждое из которых уникально по форме. Эта композиция была сделана с использованием специального графического редактора алгоритмов Grasshopper, который может генерировать формы от простых до совершенно впечатляющих. @dinarakasko #grasshopper3d #rhino3d#okmycake #pastryinspiration #chocolatejewels #pastryart #cake #kharkov #харьков #chefsofinstagram #gastroart #pastryart #dinarakasko #chefstalk #pastry #chefs #instadessert #foodporn #beautifulcuisine #siliconemould #baking #cakes #dessert #cakestagram #dessertporn #parametric #art #geometry #designmilk#торт#artselect

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Kasko told 3Dnatives she draws inspiration from the world around her for new designs.

“My inspiration comes from everything around me: art, music, photos, fashion, clothes, or even furniture,” she said to the 3D-printing news publication. “It can also be from an artist or simply from nature. There are many things I can bring to life in my pastries.”

The best part is that you can bring her inspired treats to life in your very own kitchen. Kasko sells her molds on her website. They range in price from $43 to $80, depending on the size and detail, and come with recipes.

There’s no guarantee your cakes will look exactly like her works of art, but you will be able to taste test as you hone your technique. And don’t forget to make an extra treat for your — or your kid’s — favorite geometry teacher!