4 copycat Disney churro recipes to try right now

Pixar Fest, a celebration of all things Pixar-related, is underway at Disneyland through Sept. 3, and one of the most exciting (and delicious!) activities they’re offering during the event is the Churro Challenge. This requires you getting a special map and marking off the four churro stops that appear on it as you make your way through the park. Once you’ve collected four churros (and gotten stickers from the establishments to prove it), you’ll be given a “Monsters, Inc.” button to prove you completed the tasty challenge.

The Disneyland AP account posted a photo of the map they created to guide you to all of the tasty churro treats:


This sounds like a ton of fun. But if you can’t make it to Disney’s Pixar Fest, you don’t have to miss out on the churro-eating part of the festivities! The Churro Challenge ends on June 8, anyway. So instead of booking a last-second trip to Disneyland, plan for a staycation. Thanks to these four copycat recipes, you can dine like you’re at Disney from the comfort of your own home.

Get those aprons on and let’s get cooking, shall we?

Here are the recipes you’ll need to recreate the four flavors offered on the Churro Challenge destinations:

1. Coco Churro

The “Coco Churros” from Disney are dusted with cocoa powder to add a bit of chocolate flavor, but this recipe from Kraft takes it a step further and infuses chocolate into the churro batter — yum! Visit the Kraft website for the full recipe.


2. Churro With Lemon Dipping Sauce

The Town Square Churro Cart serves up lemon-sugar and Fruity Pebble-covered churros, but this other recipe uses lemon zest to coat the churros, giving you all of the fruity sweetness you could need. Plus, it’ll save you a trip to Disney. See the full recipe in this video from YouTuber Ryan McKay:

3. Cream Cheese Churro Roll-Ups

Another stop on the map involves a purchase of carrot cake churros — which seems extremely unique! However, we found a recipe for Baked Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups that captures a carrot cake’s cream cheese frosting flavor. Plus, the roll-ups can also be filled with fruit. So we’re thinking that if you opted to fill it with raisins, nuts and carrot shavings — well, you’d have a carrot cake churro of your own creation! Use the recipe from Kylee Cooks as your guide to cobbling together this delicious treat!

Kylee Cooks

4. Glazed Churros With Toppings

The last stop on the churro map from Pixar Fest involves picking up the “Ants on a Log” churro, which is glazed and comes with toppings. You can easily recreate this at home. Start with this recipe from The Mommy Mouse Clubhouse to make classic churros, then create a classic glaze using the recipe from A Subtle Revelry as a guide. Next, set up a station where your kids can dunk their churros in the glaze then add sprinkles and other fun toppings!

In the end, you’ll wind up with something like these churros from Kara’s Party Ideas:

Kara's Party Ideas

Disneyland can wait when you’ve got these recipes on-hand!