4 Easy Ways Wine Bottles Can Be Recycled As Home Decor

Wine lovers don’t just like to drink wine. They like to look at wine, they like to smell it, they even like to keep the bottles around to remind them of good wines gone by. And now, thanks to Pinterest and other DIY project-sharing platforms, wine lovers can recycle their wine bottles as chic and quirky home decor. Wine bottles are like the new mason jar, but they’re more classy and versatile. (Insert sassy girl emoji)

Here are four easy and brilliant ways to reuse wine bottles as home decor, because now you can answer the judgmental “You’re having another glass?” question with, “Shut up, I’m making a bird feeder!”

1. Jewelry Holders

This is probably the most simple way to recycle your wine bottles. You could repaint them if you want more of a project, but I prefer to leave them just the way they are, and simply stack bracelets on the neck of the bottle. It’s a great way to keep some of your favorite bottles and have a simple way to store your bracelets or bangles.

2. Decorative Vases

Getting a little crafty #winebottleDIY A photo posted by Kathryn Bohner (@kathrynnbohner) on May 1, 2015 at 12:33pm PDT

This is a fun project to do with friends. You can even drink wine while you recycle old bottles! Yay!

3. Candle Holders

Be really careful about this one. Please, do not just smash the bottle and hope that it breaks evenly and without hurting anyone. There are a million easy and safe tutorials on how to cut wine bottles.

4. A Bird Feeder


What a truly brilliant and baffling idea. According to The Chicken Street, the blog behind this bird feeder, a bird showed up just 10 minutes after it was put up.
Images: laurenlalaeliseKathryn Bohner, Celebrations_com/Instagram; The Chicken Street/WordPress

Photo by Wicker Paradise