4 Fruits And Vegetables You Can Grow In A Hanging Basket

Hanging Tomato Basket
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A hanging basket is a great way to keep plants in your home or on your deck or patio without taking up a ton of space. Not only are they convenient to use, they’re also beautiful to look at. Though most hanging planters are usually full of tumbling vines and pretty flowers, you can also plant fruits and vegetables in them to create your own mini food garden. Here are four to try.

1. Cherry Tomatoes

Even if you have a black thumb, cherry tomatoes are pretty easy to grow. Plus they’re delicious and you can put them in everything from eggs at breakfast to spaghetti for dinner. To grow cherry tomatoes in a hanging planter, choose a bush variety like the Tumbling Tom. That way, the plant will stay compact as it grows over the sides of the basket. Only plant one cherry tomato seedling per basket, though—they require a lot of nutrients and water and don’t take well to sharing space.

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2. Lettuce

Lettuce is a perfect veggie to grow in a hanging basket because it’s extremely lightweight and easy to grow, even for a novice gardener. This plant needs partial shade during hot summer months so leaves won’t wilt. Because it’s a smaller seedling, you can also plant herbs in the same hanging planter. Lettuce needs a lot of water though, and its roots run deep, so make sure there’s enough soil for it to settle comfortably.

3. Strawberries

Seeding strawberries in a hanging basket is the best way to ensure that rabbits won’t eat every single one of the fruits before you can say “jelly.” You’ll still have to contend with squirrels, but at least the planter will be off the ground! Alpine strawberries are your best bet to plant in the summer since they like partial shade and will bear fruit for the duration of the summer months. They are also very low maintenance—just make sure you water frequently, as strawberries have shallow roots.


4. Peas

There’s nothing I like better than sweet peas, fresh out of the garden. These get planted earlier than other crops, and they’ll be ready in late spring. Another easy veggie to grow, the pea shoots will look beautiful tumbling down from your hanging basket. Just water them daily and make sure they get adequate sunlight, and you’re all set!

For more information on veggies to grow in hanging planters and how to do it, check out this article.

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