4 Google Flights Features To Use When Planning Your Next Trip

If you are using Google Flights only to find potential flights to a specific location at a specific time, then you are missing out on some great features this site has to offer.

1. You can search for flights based on region or interests. Pick a region you are considering visiting, and enter it into a Google search. Next, click the flights tab under the search bar. You will now be able to compare flights to locations throughout the region. It even gives you the option of searching for flights based on interests ranging from “beaches” to “outdoor recreation.”

2. Is it better to take the layover or fly nonstop? Google can help you find the answer by clicking “best flights.” You will then be given a suggestion that has taken both flight time and cost into consideration.

3. You can see exactly how much you’ll save by flying at a different time. As you search for flights, Google will give you a tip bar offering suggestions on flights that can save you money by flying on a different day or at a different time.


4. Keep track of price shifts before you book. The Google Now app will track your saved flights and alert you if there is a significant change in price.

Photo by steve p2008