4 Hip Stretches You Need To Do If You Sit All Day

Give it a try!

If you work a 9-to-5 job, chances are you sit for a majority of those hours. And even if you have a standing desk or a nontraditional job, you’re probably sitting for more hours a day than you realize, and your hips are not happy about it.

Sitting for too long causes the hip muscles to tighten, which in turn can affect your posture or even make it more difficult to move in general. Try out these four stretches to keep your hip joints healthy.


Note: In order to do these stretches effectively and not put undue strain on your back or elsewhere, make sure your pelvis is perfectly aligned with the rest of your body—not tilted forward or backward. If you have an injury or are starting a new exercise routine, be sure to consult with your doctor before you begin.

1. Hip Rotations

This is a good warm-up for some of the more difficult stretches that will come later. Lying on your back, put your feet flat on the ground with your knees pointing skyward. Place your right ankle perpendicularly over your left thigh and move your left knee gently up and down.

Gently but firmly, push your right knee away from you and hold for between 15 and 30 seconds, depending on how stiff you feel. Repeat eight times, then switch legs.


2. Piriformis Stretch

Begin in the same position as with the first stretch, but bring your right knee all the way over your left leg so that they appear crossed. Pull the knee back and forth in the direction of your opposite shoulder. Switch legs after 10 reps.

Don’t worry if your back doesn’t stay flat on the ground, but you shouldn’t be rolling over entirely. This stretch helps the muscle that connects to the ball joint of your hip.

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3. Butterfly

This is a very common stretch. Sit up straight, focusing on your posture, with your knees bent out at the sides so they approximate the shape of a butterfly. With the bottoms of your feet pressed together, move your hips up and down at a moderate pace.

For more stretch, bring your feet closer to your pelvis. Finish by gently pressing your knees down for a count of 20.


4. Frog

Get on your hands and knees with your legs splayed slightly outwards, imitating those of a frog. Bring your knees as far apart as is comfortable with the balls of your feet on the ground. Gently rock backward and forward.

After a few repetitions, sit back between your legs and hold the stretch there.

Instagram user @fitnessmyheart shows a variation with her feet untucked and the edges flat on the floor.

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Check out this video from GMB Fitness to see these stretches in action and get more tips on how to execute them correctly:


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