4 reasons Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson will be amazing ‘Voice’ judges

NBC's 'The Voice' Press Junket
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ABC’s “American Idol” comeback made for interesting news last week. But NBC snatched the spotlight away from them with some news of their own. In a bold move, “The Voice” announced that Idol alums Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson will be joining the show as judges for the next two seasons.

Whoa. Take that Idol.

Bringing on these two superstars could be a killer move for “The Voice.” So how can these ladies boost a show that faces its old nemesis next season? Here are four reasons why Hudson and Clarkson could possibly be two of the best “Voice” judges ever.

1. Clarkson, Hudson Could Draw ‘Idol’ Fans to ‘The Voice’

Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson remain two of the most popular “American Idol” contestants ever. As we all know, Clarkson won the competition in its first season way back in 2002. Two years later, Hudson competed on “Idol,” placing seventh in the show’s third season.

Their continued popularity and recognition may draw new fans to “The Voice” that hadn’t previously made the leap from “Idol.” These fans will want to see what Hudson and Clarkson are up to and how they perform from the other side of the stage. What makes this setup especially sweet is that judges on “The Voice” often perform throughout the season. Fans of Clarkson’s and Hudson’s music will want to tune in to hear these performances.

I know I’d love to hear either one of these vocal powerhouses jam with other “Voice” judges, such as Adam Levine and Blake Shelton!

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2. Their Competition Experience

Both women have the benefit of the “been there, done that” experience. Hudson and Clarkson know what it’s like to stand up on that stage as a competitor. None of the other judges have that experience. This can be an advantage for both woman as they take the judge’s chair.

They understand what it’s like to take the competitor’s journey. They’ll connect with contestants’ first days, where nerves run the show and more polish is needed in performances. I mean, come on. Remember Clarkson’s and Hudson’s first auditions?

Both ladies can take their Idol journeys and use those experiences to help their teams reach new levels of success.

3. Their Post-Idol Success

There’s no denying that both Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson have had incredible success following their Idol appearances.

After winning “American Idol,” Clarkson went on to score 26 Billboard Top 100 songs and rack up more than 31,000,000 digital download sales. She ranks #1 in sales of all “American Idol” contestants. Clarkson has won three Grammy awards and been nominated a total of 13 times for her work. With a new album set to drop in 2017, fans can expect new music soon. And what better place to promote new work than on a singing competition?

Jennifer Hudson “only” came in seventh place on “Idol” but, after she left the show, her success has been incredible to watch. As a recording artist, she’s won a Grammy. Hudson then moved onto acting, where she won the 2007 Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her performance in “Dreamgirls.” Hudson has also performed on Broadway in “The Color Purple” and appeared on many TV shows, including “Empire.”

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4. Their Diverse Performing Styles

Both Clarkson and Hudson show a wide range of ability when it comes to their talents.

Kelly Clarkson has found success in the Adult Contemporary, Pop, Rock and Country and Alternative music genres over her long career. She’s been willing to push the envelope with her creativity. Clarkson believed in her abilities so much, she parted ways with world-renowned music executive Clive Davis to maintain control of her own career. That fearlessness should serve her and her contestants well on “The Voice.”

Jennifer Hudson’s ability to perform on a variety of platforms (from albums to the musical stage) can help her competitors. She can work with them through numerous musical stylings, as well as prepare them for life on the live stage.

Both ladies promise to bring something new and exciting to “The Voice” in their respective seasons. We can’t wait to see how they work with the other judges, and what they bring to the stage and judge’s chair!

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