4 Ways To Sell Your Stuff And Earn Extra Money (And Where To Do It!)

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Need to do some spring cleaning and declutter your home? Instead of just donating or throwing things out, how about trying to sell your stuff for a little extra money? It’s easy and you can empty your closets while filling your wallet! Here are four ways to sell your old stuff for the best price—and the best places to do it!

1. Hold An Old-Fashioned Garage Sale

This idea is the most labor intensive, but you don’t have to worry about shipping items. Spring is the perfect time to get together with a few neighbors or friends to sell unwanted items. For a successful sale, you need to spread the world. Take out a newspaper ad. Promote it on social media. Make posters for the neighborhood. Then, have your items displayed properly and clearly priced. Be willing to negotiate a little, but don’t give your stuff away. Those quarters and dollars add up quickly!

2. Check Out Consignments Shops

Consignment shops take people’s old stuff and sell it for them. You bring your items into the shop and an employee goes through them with you. The shop can offer you money immediately or give you an account number and then share the profits once the items are sold. You are not committed to taking the shop’s offer, so look around if the prices aren’t what you were hoping.

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3. Sell Your Stuff Online

The internet has become a virtual marketplace for everything from clothing to cars. One look online and you can find a wide variety of places to sell your items. A few of the most popular options include:


The Facebook mobile app has an entire section dedicated to selling items: Marketplace.

You can also search for Facebook Groups for people nearby who are looking to buy and sell items. Just snap a picture, write a brief description and post your items for sale. It’s that simple!


Ebay has been around since the 1990s. With more than 160 million people on the auction/retail site, Ebay is a great source for buyers. Tips for a good Ebay listing include good photos and a detailed description of the item. You may need to pay a listing fee—read more here about how Ebay calculates fees.


This relative newcomer to the online marketplace has been making a splash with its TV commercials. LetGo is a website and mobile app that allows sellers to list items for free. That’s right, no cost for listing or selling items. LetGo emphasizes local sales and discourages shipping items to buyers. The company’s FAQ states this is primarily for safety reasons.

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ThredUp calls itself “the largest online consignment shop and thrift store.” If you’re looking to sell clothing and accessories, then this may be just the place for you. The website does have high standards for what they will accept for resale. ThredUp looks for defect-free, on-trend and top brand names (DOT), according to its website. A seller can order a clean-out bag, fill it and then send it in to ThredUp. Then, if your items get accepted, you can get money in advance or when they sell.

4. Trade In Old Electronics

Have an outdated smartphone or video game you don’t play anymore? Now you can trade them in for some extra money!

Amazon has a trade-in program for DVDs, video games, cameras, books, computers and more!

Walmart also wants to buy your cell phones, tablets and video games for a fair price.

Head over to Best Buy to trade in smartwatches, mobile phones, video games and hardware, tablets and more.

GameStop stores around the country also accept trade-ins on video game systems and games. You can either take cash or a higher value in-store credit.

If none of those seem like good options, shop around these websites to find the best deal for your electronics:

  • BuyBackWorld: Get an instant quote for your resale item and have payment in 30 days.
  • Gazelle: accepts almost any device you can think of from phones to computers
  • Gizmogul: includes free shipping and promises fast payment
  • Swappa: accepts phones, tables, Chromebooks and MacBooks


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