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40 Outfit Ideas For When You’d Rather Be Lazy

It’s inevitable that when that alarm clock goes off in the morning, you’re not going to want to get out of bed. If you’re like me—the first thing to get taken off of the “to-do” list is shower (thank god for dry shampoo, am I right?). The second is wake up early enough to pick out something to wear. These 40 outfit ideas will help you be able to sleep in and stress less about what to wear. But, and this is the best part of all, you’re bound to look like you actually took the time to plan your outfit. Who has time for that anyways?

The key to pulling off this whole lazy-chic thing is picking pieces that are effortless. Opting for dresses or one-pieces like jumpsuits and rompers is always a good idea because it’s just one clothing item that you can easily throw on and go. It’s also good to go with basics i.e. jeans, t-shirts, etc. and dress them up with a statement bag or scarf. You’ll see that this whole being lazy thing is really the way to go once you master some of the key elements.

These 40 outfits will show you how the whole rolling out of bed and walking straight out of the door thing really works, and I assure you—you’ll never not be lazy again!

1. Overalls

2. Maxi dress

3. All Denim

4. Layers

5. Monochrome

6. Longline Shirts

7. One Bold Print

8. Keep It Simple

9. Shirts As Dresses

10. Co-Ord Sets

11. Throw A Blazer On

12. Go For Distressed Denim

13. Add A Collar

14. Channel Your Favorite Model

15. Belt It

16. Jumpsuit

17. Bold Shoe

18. Rock A Sweatshirt

19. Bold Jewelry

20. Complete The Look With A Great Coat

21. Bold Bag

22. Go With Heels

23. Tuck The Shirt In And Pull The Hair Up

24. Statement Tee

25. Throw A Hat On

26. Put A Poncho On Top

27. Add A Bright Pop Of Color

28. Hide With Your Hair

29. Mix and Match Prints

30. Put On A Vest

31. Keep It Baggy

32. Go For Sporty Chic

33. Choose Oversized Everything

34. Let Your Sunglasses Speak For Themselves

35. Take It Back To The Basics

36. Put A Jacket Around Your Waist

37. Tie It Up

38. Opt For Off The Shoulder

39. Add A Some Leather

40. Have Fun With Texture