5 Of The Best YouTube Channels For Home Exercise


Exercising at home is difficult. What time of day do you do it? How can you tell if you’re working hard? There’s often no one there to make you feel more motivated like in a gym or class environment, so, often, working out at home means not really working out — at least if you’re like me and you try to simultaneously watch Netflix during your “workout.” But there are a number of free YouTube channels that will inspire you to work hard even if you don’t feel like leaving the house. Some of these channels have complete meal plans and calendars that you can print out for full, month-long fitness challenges, while other are just good to have bookmarked if you’re looking for a specific workout to fit your mood.

1. Blogilates

If you have not experienced the greatness that is Cassey Ho then you need to get on YouTube and look her up pronto. She is the creator of POP Pilates, her own version of short, fun Pilates workouts that are often set to fun soundtracks. On her website, you can find meal plans and monthly workout schedules. Yes, you kind of want to pull your hair out when you’re doing these reps she calls “pulses,” but you will love her enthusiasm and you’ll feel a serious burn. As Cassey says, “Feel the burn! I love the burn!”

2. BeFiT


The BeFiT channel is produced by Lionsgate and it offers a new workout video every weekday. There’s a BeFiT in 90 days workout system, butt-lifting exercises, ab-sculpting exercises, fun dance videos, and even Pilates. Some of BeFiT’s videos even feature top trainers such as Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, and Scott Herman, to name a few.

3. Tone It Up

Karena and Katrina might sound like a pop duo, but they’re badass fitness trainers who have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Self, People, Women’s Health, Fitness magazine, the E! Network, and Bravo. Their motto is “Share, Love, Inspire, Sweat!,” and they’re really serious about that last part. They host fun monthly challenges on their YouTube channel, and their website offers recipes, meal plans, and even a style blog.

4. PsycheTruth

Yoga channels can be difficult to pick out, but PsycheTruth is great for a variety of reasons. First, there’s a new video every day, which means there’s lots of variety for people who really want to keep up a daily practice. And, even better, the videos are often meant to achieve something specific — energy, relaxation, toning for your abs, or relief from menstrual cramps. There’s nothing boring about PsycheTruth — it’s got variety in difficulty and you never have to miss a day.

5. The Daily Hiit by BodyRock

Get ready you seasoned fitness gurus, ‘cause this channel is going to blow your patterned Lululemon pants off. The Daily Hiit is exactly what its name says: it’s a YouTube channel that posts daily high-intensity interval training (hiit) workout videos, and it’s all for free 99. All of their trainers are ridiculously in shape and a bit intimidating, but the community is super inclusive. Some of their workouts include HiitMax, HiitReps, HiitLean, HiitBody, HiitCore, Yoga. Wait, not HiitYoga?

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