5 Convincing Reasons To Be A Little More Messy

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Messy people don’t understand why organized people feel the need to incessantly clean and vice versa. They’re just on two entirely separate ends of the spectrum, but one method or the other is not “the right way” to do things, per se.

Author of The Joy of Leaving Your Sh*t All Over the Place, Jennifer McCartney, told Apartment Therapy all about the happiness an untidy living space can bring because cleaning isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

If you’re also a bit of a messy person, I’m sure you’d tend to agree. Here are five things that messy people will understand, relate to and, ultimately, view to be completely true. I must say, it probably wouldn’t hurt for even the most organized person to adopt a few of these habits. Because being somewhere in the middle of the messy to clean spectrum probably isn’t a bad thing.

1. Clutter Equals Creativity

McCartney points out her desk is so messy that she has to work from her couch. There have also been scientific studies to prove that a messy work area creates an environment in which it’s easier to come up with ideas. So, all you messy, artsy types, people finally get where you’re coming from. Why would you want to work in a sterile, plain environment?



2. Cleaning Is Stressful

Cleaning (and worrying about what’s not clean) constantly is no fun. Sometimes, no matter how organized you like to be, it’s nice to just relax a little rather than stressing about what’s still left out on the table from breakfast.


3. Organizing Doesn’t Make Things Easier To Locate

I know first-hand that “organizing” doesn’t make things easier to locate. After I’ve cleaned, I feel as though I can’t find anything all of a sudden.


4. Things Add Personality

Having odds and ends lying around can add personality to a space. A minimal, modern look with limited furniture and a lot of white space can quickly become uninteresting. The more things you have, the more unique and personal an environment can become.


5. We Should Appreciate All Of Our Possessions

People may be constantly pressuring you to purge, but sometimes, throwing things away doesn’t make you feel better. There are certain things that have sentimental value that you’d actually hate to have to part with, no matter how clean it would make the space. So, throwing things out isn’t always what’s best.


If you consider yourself to be a messy person, you’ve probably already agreed with these statements. Even if you’re known for being clean and organized— it’s starting to seem like the messy folks are onto something with their practices, isn’t it? Like I said, as far as being tidy vs. untidy goes, it couldn’t hurt to be a little of both.

[h/t: Apartment Therapy]