5 DIY Valentine’s Day Mailboxes Your Kids Will Love

Is there anything sweeter than exchanging valentines?

If your child’s classroom is celebrating with a Valentine’s Day party (and we’ll bet all of our conversation hearts on it that they are), we’ve got some creative ideas for crafting custom mailboxes to field all those cards and candy-grams come Feb. 14.

Cupid’s arrow pointed us toward craft blogs, and we’ve rounded up five super-fun and easy-to-make mailboxes for Valentine’s Day. (Also, consider this your courtesy reminder: It’s time to start saving those shoe and tissue boxes).

1. Vader Valentine

If you’ve got a Star Wars fan prepping for Valentine’s Day, let’s just say the force is strong with this mailbox. Make it a Darth Vader kind of Valentine’s Day with this box crafted with a shoe box, popcorn bucket, googly eyes and some other materials. You can find full instructions on the Foster2Forever blog.


2. Love Monster

Monsters need love, too. A tissue box is the base of this monster-inspired valentine mailbox that kids will love feeding with notes and treats. You can find the full instructions at Giggles Galore.

Giggles Galore

3. A Mini Minion Mailbox

Recycled peanut butter lids are the secret ingredient in this Minions-inspired mailbox, which looks ready to chow down a Valentine’s Day bunch of bananas. Find full directions at Instructables.


4. Owl Mailbox

We’re guessing you’ve got some brown paper lunch sacks lying around. Dress one up like an owl for an adorable valentine bag, complete with heart-shaped feet that are too cute for words. Get the instructions from Create with Dee.

Create with Dee

5. A Unicorn Mailbox

Some things just go together… like glitter and unicorns. The instructions for how to make this magical mailbox can be found at Artsy Fartsy Mama.

Artsy Fartsy Mama

(Umm, side note, can we go back in time to when our mailboxes were filled with chocolates and love letters, not bills?!)

H/T: Better Homes & Gardens