5 Easy Ways To Save Money And Extend The Life Of Your Razor

Disposable razors are definitely convenient, but they sure don’t come cheap, especially with how often we have to buy them. Nothing’s worse than using razor a few times only to discover that the blade has dulled or the metal is rusting. If you continue to find that you need to replace your razor constantly, you may need to take on some new habits when it comes to maintaining and storing the tool.

Razors are ruined by moisture, as oxidation corrodes the metal, dulling the blade, but proper care can help slow down the damage. If you’re looking to prolong the life of your razor, try these five easy tips for a better shaving experience.

1. Store It Somewhere Dry

Moisture dulls the blade, so instead of storing your razor in the shower or in a steamy bathroom, consider storing your razor in the medicine cabinet or a different room altogether, which will prevent any excess moisture from reaching the blade.

2. Stroke The Razor On Blue Jeans

Many people swear by this popular technique, which can help revitalize a worn-down blade. Take an old pair of jeans and place it on a flat surface, running the razor up and down the leg 20 or so times. This will help sharpen the blades and take out any moisture.

3. Store Your Razor In Mineral Oil

Storing your razor in oil helps prevent corrosion and keeps the blade sharp. Fill a small glass jar with half an inch of mineral oil, and place your razor in it following each use. Occasionally change the oil for sanitary purposes.

4. Dry Off Any Water After Each Use

There are many ways to do this, but many people either recommend blowing off the water, using a blow dryer, or patting the razor dry with a paper towel. No matter your technique, be sure to shake any excess water off initially after each use before drying.

5. Clean It With Rubbing Alcohol

Razors contain buildup of shaving cream and soap residue along with dead skin cells, which can shorten the life of your razor. Cleaning it with rubbing alcohol can kill any bacteria and help remove any excess water.

Everyone has their own tips and tricks for preserving their razor, but as long as you keep your razor clean and dry, you should see some better results.