5 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands You Can Afford

One of the most common misconceptions about eco-friendly clothing brands is that they’re a lot more expensive than their fast fashion counterparts.

A lot of people compromise on greener alternatives due to this reason, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The fact of the matter is that you can find a number of brands that produce ethical and eco-conscious fashion at affordable prices. Here are a few eco-friendly brands that you can totally afford:

1. Threads for Thought

Threads for Thought is one of the biggest names in the eco-friendly apparel industry. With a commitment to using sustainable materials, the brand makes use of recycled polyester, organic cotton and Lenzing modal for their products.

Their manufacturing process also embraces recycling with over 80 percent of the water being reused by some of their factories.

They offer a wide range of clothing for both men and women – from shirts, tees and pants to hoodies, jackets and rompers.

They even have a range of active wear comprising of sports bras and leggings. The best part about Threads for Thought is that you’ll hardly find a product over $100.

Threads for Thought

2. Rapanui

This award-winning UK-based brand offers a range of ethical and eco-friendly clothing at inexpensive prices. From edgy graphic tees and warm knitwear to organic bags and accessories, Rapanui caters to both men and women.

They make use of sustainable materials such as organic cotton, bamboo and recycled polyester as well as British wool. All their products are manufactured in a wind-powered factory with an ethical accreditation.

The brand prioritizes on traceability of its products, so you can use their trace mapping tool to trace the exact origin of their garment and its manufacturing process.

With a commitment to moving towards a circular economy, Rapanui also encourages customers to return their old products for money. Most of their products are under $50 with graphic tees costing around $30.


3. Style Saint

A designer label dedicated to creating timeless pieces at affordable prices, Style Saint’s creations are manufactured locally in Los Angeles. The brand prioritizes on sustainability and designs non-disposable pieces that will last through the years.

They create silk and lace essentials that can be used as core-of-the-closet pieces for fashionable and eco-conscious women.

Despite their high-fashion design, Style Saint’s products are made to be affordable by eliminating retail markups. Most of their products are under $100.

The brand also boasts of using 99 percent less water than their fast fashion competitors. They make use of sustainable, earth-loving fabrics and also pay 2000 percent higher factory wages to their workers.

Style Saint

4. Matt & Nat

An eco-friendly brand that produces fashionable handbags and shoes, Matt & Nat is committed to not using animal-based products like leather in their designs. Matt stands for Mat(t)erial and Nat stands for Nature.

They experiment with different kinds of recycled materials like nylon, rubber, cork and cardboard. Their linings are only made using 100 percent recycled plastic bottles.

The vegan brand has had some great ambassadors including Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire and Olivia Wilde. Matt & Nat produces high-quality and fashionable accessories for both men and women.

Some of their products include oxford shoes, messenger bags, wallets, briefcases, organizers and sneakers. Most of their products can be bought for under $150.

Matt & Nat

5. People Tree

One of the more seasoned brands in the eco-friendly apparel industry, People Tree has been producing eco-conscious fashion for more than two decades. The brand prides itself on its collaboration with fair trade artisans and farmers in their manufacturing process. With their garments being handmade whenever possible, they also aim to reduce their carbon footprint.

The People Tree’s eco policy includes promoting natural and organic farming and recycling materials where possible. They produce clothing for both men and women in addition to jewelry and accessories for women. Most of their products are under $150 with tops costing less than $50.

People Tree

So now you see that there are several affordable options when shopping for eco-friendly clothes. In addition to buying from such brands, you can also promote sustainable fashion by recycling and reusing your old clothes.

For instance, you could repurpose your old clothes into accessories and decors or even into DIY Halloween costumes.

So now you see that there are several affordable options when shopping for eco-friendly clothes. In addition to buying from such brands, you can also create a unique look and promote sustainable fashion by recycling and reusing second-hand items…