5 Festive Winter Sangria Recipes To Make This Season

If you think sangria is strictly a summer drink, think again. This refreshing beverage is a winner any time of year, even in the winter. Simply switch up a few ingredients, and you’ve got yourself a delicious and festive cocktail you’ll enjoy even when it’s cold outside.

Need some inspiration? Here are five winter sangrias to try this season.

1. White Winter Sangria

This appropriately named boozy beverage starts with white wine and hard cider, then gets a kick from plenty of festive and seasonal fruits such as apples, clementines and cranberries, making it a perfect option for both fall and winter.

Fresh Tastes and Plates

Recipe: Fresh Tastes and Plates

2. Red Winter Sangria

If you prefer the more hearty red sangrias, you’ll love this version made with red wine, cranberries, citrus and mint.

Honey and Birch

Recipe: Honey and Birch

3. Pear And Cinnamon

If you’ve had enough apples this fall, switch up your fruits and go for wintry pear instead. This sangria is made with white wine, brandy, pear juice and spicy cinnamon sticks, making it the perfect wine drink on a cold day.

Honest Cooking

Recipe: Honest Cooking

4. Winter Sangria With Pomegranate, Blood Orange And Apple

This beverage is for those who like their sangria extra fruity. Made with plenty of apple cider, pomegranate juice and blood oranges, this drink falls on the sweeter end of sangrias.

The Roasted Root

Recipe: The Roasted Root

5. Slow-Cooker Winter Rosé Sangria

Rosé fans, this one is for you. The pink wine is combined with bourbon, cloves and vanilla for a sweet and warming sangria that can be prepared in your slow cooker.

Hungry Girl Por Vida

Recipe: Hungry Girl Por Vida