5 Ikea Alternatives You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

By now everyone knows the name of the most popular flat packing company, Ikea. But aren’t their any other flat packing companies? And what makes flat furniture so great anyway? It’s simple, this furniture is easy to ship and easy on the wallet. Here are a few lesser known companies that offer this high design with a low price.

1. Hem

Welcome to the middle ground in furniture. Hem sits somewhere between your basic mass produced flimsy furniture, and your high end high priced manufacturers. This Sweden based company offers smooth original designs, many of which can be customized online.


Want to add your personal touch to your furniture but not quite ready to start from scratch? TYLKO is for you. Using their app you can personalize the furniture to suit your needs while simultaneously monitoring how the changes suit your budget. Then by taking pictures of the room you can see how your new piece will fit in with the rest of your décor. Although TYLKO’s selection is limited almost exclusively to tables and chairs, you will be confident you are getting exactly what you envisioned.

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3. Floyd

This company began by giving any piece of wood a leg to stand on. (Sorry, I had to. No one could resist that pun.) Their original clamp-on Floyd Leg allowed you to transform any piece of wood into a table. Now offering a larger selection from coat racks to bed frames, this Detroit based company has grown without giving up on their original vision of simple living for city life. Thus no tools required, their furniture moves easily and ships for free in the U.S. Doesn’t get much better than that.

The Floyd Leg - 29.5"

4. Greycork

Another American-made company, this one based out of Providence, Rhode Island, offers some of the same features as our other companies with the added bonus of free returns. So you are guaranteed all the rewards with none of the risks. Greycork is probably the most closely comparable in pricing to their Swedish based competitor, Ikea, but you are certainly getting an upgrade on quality and durability.

5. Campaign

This furniture is specifically designed for you frequent movers out there. Not only does it come in the flat-pack boxes but they are created to easily be put back into those same boxes and shipped to your next humble habitat. Currently, Campaign features just two couches and a chair but in light of the popularity of these items, it’s only a matter of time before they expand their offerings so make sure to keep tabs on them.

Campaign Living
Campaign Living