5-Ingredient Pizza Roll-Ups Are The Easiest Appetizer Or Game Day Snack

Whether it’s baked on a traditional crust, French bread or English muffins, pizza is always popular. And when you have the chance to make it for a meal or snack using flaky, buttery crescent roll dough, you know a pizza recipe is going to be well-received.

There are so many recipes you can make with a can of crescent roll dough, including pizza. We found a five-ingredient Pizza Roll-Ups recipe from Damn Delicious that looks as mouth-watering as it is easy to prepare.

In fact, even children can get in on the preparation of this dish, and they will certainly want to get in on gobbling them up. Adults would enjoy snacking on these roll-ups during a big game, too.

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You may have the ingredients on hand right now, as all you’ll need is a can of refrigerated crescent roll dough, some string cheese, mini pepperoni slices, butter and seasoning. Then, it’s a matter of rolling the cheese and meat into the dough slices, topping them with butter and seasoning, and popping them into the oven.

The result is a buttery, herby, gooey, cheesy treat.

You can find the recipe on the Damn Delicious website or follow along with the video from their YouTube channel.

And don’t be afraid to get creative! One commenter prefers to use shredded cheese because she finds it melts better and she can control the amount of cheese that goes into the rolls, since one of her children doesn’t like as much cheese.

Another reader recommends serving the pizza rolls with a side of marinara for dipping. You could try swapping out the pepperoni or adding other ingredients as well, such as sausage, sliced olives and bell peppers.

One piece of advice for everyone who tries this recipe: You’ll want prepare a large batch of roll-ups because these savory snacks are sure to go fast.