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This 5 Minute Makeup Routine Will Change Everything

If you’ve ever wished that you could just snap your fingers and instantly have your makeup all done and looking great (and what girl hasn’t, you know) then, I’ve got the solution to all of your makeup dilemmas.

TréStique has created products that make your makeup routine super simple and even portable for those on-the-go moments. Using makeup sticks, they’ve created an entire line that allows for quick and easy application. Foundation, blush, brow pencils, lip gloss, you name it, and they’ve created it.

Makeup in stick form really is the way to go because it’s portable, doesn’t leak or spill and is even great to travel with. If you are thinking that these miracle makeup products may be too good to be true, think again! Having personally tried the products, I can attest that they are just as fast and flawless as they claim to be.

Check out some of the products that TréStique has to offer, and then watch the video for your step-by-step guide to applying makeup in just 5 minutes! Looking good was never so easy!

Tinted Moisturizer


This creamy tinted moisturizer glides on your face, acting as a foundation. The built-in blender at the opposite end of the pencil makes it easy to blend the moisturizer into the skin and allow for full-coverage.



The cheek stick bronzer allows you to contour or add a hint of color to your cheeks. Once again, there’s a built in brush to make blending a cinch!

Eye Shadow


Eye shadow that’s perfectly creamy and just a hint of sparkle makes for a great on-the-go option.

Brow Pencil


One tool that allows you to sculpt and define your brow line with ease. Yes plese!

Lip Crayon


Last but not least, a pop of color for the lips to complete the look. This pencil packs matte and gloss in the same tool, so you can pick a lip finish to suit your mood.

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Change the way you do your makeup forever. I know I’ll use it everyday because I mean— who isn’t in a rush to get just about everywhere? That can’t just be me, right?

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Photo by arielaot