6 No-Equipment Moves To Tighten And Tone Thighs

Toning your thighs—especially those pesky inner thighs—can sometimes seem like a months-long endeavor that requires a fancy, Kim Kardashian-level personal trainer and a diet that kills your soul.

But, thankfully, that’s not at all accurate. Especially the expensive personal trainer part. Here are five no-equipment moves to help you tighten and tone thighs.

1. Wide-Stance Squat

This is actually a pretty fun pose to do. In yoga, this move is similar to Goddess Pose. I tell you this because every time I do Goddess Pose I really do feel like a rock star.

To do this move, stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes turn out slightly. Then, slowly lower yourself on two counts into a squatting position, with your butt out and your chest up.

According to RealSimple, beginners should repeat this pose 15 to 20 times and intermediate and advanced thigh gurus can repeat it 25 to 30 times.


2. High-Knee Toe Touch

Stand facing a box, bench, or the first stair in a set of stairs. Keep your elbows bent and your hands in front of you, then lift your right foot to tap it on the top of the stair or box as if you were going to get on it.

Alternate between tapping your left and right foot on the box, and pump your arms to go faster. This move also helps work your tush, according to Self.

3. Chair Squat in Rélévé

This position will test your balance a bit, so feel free to use the assistance of a wall if you need to.

Start with your heels touching and your toes turned out slightly. Then, while keeping your heels together, rise up on your toes. Keep your back straight and parallel to the wall.

Bend your knees into a half squat for two counts, and then rise back up in the same slow counts while still keeping the heels together.

4. Curtsy Lunge To A Side Leg Lift

The curtsy lunge is similar to a regular lunch except your legs will be crossing in a lunge position.

For this move, cross your left leg behind the right while lunging down into a curtsy lunge.

Reach both of your hands to past the outside of your right thigh. Then, straighten the right leg and lift the left leg straight out to the side.

Reach both arms out to the left, turning your torso to the left. Try to keep the left leg mostly straight and lift it as high as you can. Return to your starting position (in curtsy lunge with the left leg back).

If you want more of a challenge, try not to touch your left leg to the ground when you return to starting position in between reps, according to Shape.

5. Jumping Jack Squats

This move can be really fun if you pump some guilty pleasure pop music.

Start standing with your feet side by side and your arms down at your sides. Then, quickly jump your feet out to the sides and landing a squat, with your feet a little further than hip-width distance apart.

Extra challenge: Try to touch your fingertips of your right hand to the ground, and then immediately jump your feet back together and reach your right arm up. Immediately start the next rep with your left hand, alternating as you go.

6. Leg Sweeps

This move really targets your inner thighs, according to Prevention. Stand with your feet underneath your hips and sweep your right leg forward and backward. You should lift your leg as high as you can while keeping it straight and point your toes. Pull your knee caps up to engage your thighs. You can also do them by lifting your leg out to the side and then swinging it past your opposite leg, according to 3V.