5 pool coolers that will keep your drinks cool this summer

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Nothing says summer like pools and chilled drinks. It’s a killer combo to beat the heat, so if there’s a way to refill your cold beverage without having to get out of the pool—well, that’s the ultimate goal this season, or it should be.

These floating coolers will deliver everything you need for pool parties and outdoor entertaining, so make sure you pick one up, STAT.

1. Aqua Oasis

The Aqua Oasis comes equipped with cup holders and the capacity to hold a 24-pack of cans. Fill it up with ice and drinks and you’ll have your very own full-service floating bar. It can be yours for just $28.27 and is up for grabs on Amazon.


2. Ice Box Inflatable Pool Chill Bar

This float comes with a removable ice chest, so even if you did need to refill halfway through the pool party, it would be oh-so-easy to do. Snag one on eBay for just $29.64.


3. Hot Tub Bar

When you’re lounging in a hot tub with snacks and drinks easily accessible, there’s nothing else you could possibly need. Seriously, this full-service bar with cup holders, an ice chest and compartments for food is a thing of dreams. It attaches easily to the side of a hot tub and is only $13.99 on Amazon.


4. Pineapple Cooler

If you like piña coladas and not having to leave the pool to refill your glass, then this is the gadget for you. This ice chest is shaped like a pineapple, acts as a cup holder and can hold five drinks. Did I mention it’s also very cute? This will surely be the easiest $29.99 purchase you’ve ever made.


5. Cooler Raft

In need of some serious refreshment? Because this durable raft literally holds an entire cooler. So, all of the ice-cold beverages you could possibly imagine will be at your disposal when you’ve got this float nearby. It’ll cost you $49.99, but just think of all the enjoyment it’ll bring you this summer. It’s definitely worth the price tag.

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Got your sights set on spending time in the water with a cold drink in your hand? These products will make your summer, so go on and get to shopping!