Here Are 5 Of The Most Popular Easter Egg Decorating Ideas On Pinterest

Easter is almost here, and if you’re behind on egg dyeing, you’re not alone. Luckily, Pinterest is here to help you out. Overflowing with nearly endless ideas on how to decorate your Easter eggs, here are five of the most popular options.

1. Silk Tie-Dye Eggs

This is a classic way to dye eggs, and the blog Momtastic has an easy step-by-step approach. All you need is an old silk tie (or anything that’s 100 percent silk), twist ties, some vinegar, water and your egg. Boom—paisley tie turns into a paisley egg.


2. Onion Skin Eggs

This is another more old-fashioned way to dye eggs, but it’s a great one. Not only is it super cheap, it’s also a great way to reduce food waste. With just old nylons, eggs and a few sprigs of herbs (if you’d like), you can get gorgeous, earth-hued Easter eggs. Get all the instructions from Natasha’s Kitchen.


3. Pysanky Eggs

These are traditional Ukrainian eggs that use wax and carefully painted dye to create incredible designs. It’s a lot of work, but if you think you’re up for it, Allrecipes has a great tutorial. Or you could just stare at the pictures and drool. Either way.


4. Mosaic Eggs

This is a fun and easy one—just make sure you have some eggshells saved up. You can make monochromatic mosaic patterns, or get creative with ombre and other designs. This is a good activity to do with older kids, since you’ll need tweezers (and a lot of patience). Get all the info from the crafting website Tuts Plus.


5. DIY Robin’s Eggs

This is a personal favorite of mine—that robin’s egg blue is the prettiest color in the world to me. And you can replicate that stunning color with plain old red cabbage! Isn’t nature great? Honestly Yum gives you all the info you need to make gorgeous, gold-flecked eggs that even a real robin would be jealous of.


For more amazing Easter egg designs, check out this list.