5 products that make it easy to clean your dog’s paws


There is just so much to love about dogs—the slobbery kisses, the warm cuddles, the utter joy they show when you do something as simple as walk through your front door. One thing that’s not as great about having a canine companion? The mess! From dog hair to muddy paws, a dirty dog can easily wreak havoc in a clean home. Well, unless you own one of these useful paw cleaners. Check out these five options to make sure your floors and furniture stay clean and dry.

1. The Paw Wash

This ingenious invention (a 12-year-old girl came up with it as a science fair project!) is a gentle and effective way to wash your dog’s paws after a messy romp in the yard or on the trail. The Paw Wash is essentially a tube you fill with soapy water and shake, as you can see from the video below. Working one paw at a time, your puppy’s paws will get clean and dry with the help of the included microfiber mitt. According to the company, you can wash all four paws with just one fill of the tubular container. Currently sold out on Amazon, you can pick it up for $24.99 at Wizard Industries. The Paw Wash is also available at retail locations around the U.S. Get the lowdown on how it works from this video:

2. Spotless Paw Mitt

Basically a hefty, heavy-duty glove, the Spotless Paw Mitt is useful to have in your mudroom or entryway to remove dirt and debris from your dog’s paws. Because it’s made of microfiber, it’s washer safe. The price of $25 will be just right for many pet owners.



3. Petkin Paw Wipes

These orange-scented wipes come with specially-formulated “paw balm protectant,” to keep your dog’s (or cat’s) paws soft and supple. Amazon reviewers say dogs react well to Petkin Paw Wipes—and they get the cleaning job done, too. At $6.78, they won’t break the bank.

Petkin Paw Wipes on Amaon

4. The Paw Boss

The Paw Boss is a patented device that, according to the manufacturer, cleans every paw with fresh, clean, soapy water. It’s a box with a round opening (also known as a wash cup). You fill it with water, put your dog’s paw in the wash cup, and then use the scrubbing pad at the bottom of the cup to get all of the debris off your dog’s paws. Easy peasy! Learn more about how it works by seeing it in action, here:


If you’re interested, the Paw Boss is selling for $29.99 on Amazon.

5. Paw Plunger

Last but not least is the aptly-named Paw Plunger. Although it looks like a hefty plastic mug, this device is actually full of gentle bristles that remove particles from dogs’ paws.  Combined with water, the bristles provide a thorough clean. It’s selling for $34.99 on Amazon and comes in three colors. Here’s a quick how-to video:

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