5 Reasons To Travel With Your Significant Other Before Saying ‘I Do’

There are plenty of benefits of traveling solo or with someone that you love. It’s especially important to travel with a significant other because it can be very telling of a person. You get to see how well the two of you work together, how they handle stress, and so much more.

I was lucky enough to get to travel back home for the holidays this year with my significant other. It is our first time traveling together, and we are excited to have each other as a buddy on the plane. While I wasn’t really nervous about how it would go, I realize now that it is an important test of our relationship.

Thankfully, everything went smoothly and our biggest bump was when we landed and could check our phones, he found out his fantasy football team was losing. If that’s the biggest problem you encounter while traveling with your partner, then I’d say you’re pretty lucky.

Traveling as a couple is something that I’d recommend everyone do before saying your nuptials. Here’s why:

1. Travel Brings Out The Best (Or The Worst) In People

Packing up a suitcase, going through security and getting on a plane can bring out the best qualities in people or the worst. It’s good to test how your partner does in a scenario like this because you need to know how they handle a situation as stressful as going in and out of airports.


2. Test Your Teamwork

Traveling as a couple will allow you to see how the two of you work together. Hopefully, you’ll make a great team.

In my case, it was nice to have someone help me. While I packed my suitcase, he helped clean the apartment so we’d have a nice, clean place to come home to, and it was really great to have someone to help out so that I didn’t have to worry about doing everything myself.


3. Share Memories

You create so many amazing memories when you travel, and it’s the most fun to do that with someone you care so deeply for.

Science says travel is the best thing to spend money on, so why not splurge and take a trip together instead of buying each other gifts, you know?


4. See How They Handle Stress

Everyone handles stress differently, and it can make some people extremely irritable. Why not find out how your SO handles stress before getting too serious with them. It can’t hurt to know, you know?

My boyfriend wanted to have a strategy for the flight. The plan was: we were going to watch episodes of TV on his laptop until his laptop died, and then we were going to use mine. It’s not exactly a life or death kind of scenario, but he wanted me to be prepared for how things were going to go down.

Since I so appreciate having a plan, I was fine with strategizing before ever getting to the airport. Doing things like this can majorly help relieve stress. So, if you are going to travel together, try having plans in place before you need them, like we did.


5. Have A Shoulder To Lean On

I mean the whole shoulder to lean on figuratively and literally. In its literal sense it  may be a pretty selfish reason to travel with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but let me tell you– it makes that middle seat a whole lot better.

After we took off, I rested my head on my boyfriend’s shoulder and drifted to sleep for a little while. It was extremely comforting knowing I had him right by my side.


Having my boyfriend with me made a hectic day of travel so much better. I think if you give it a try, too, you’ll find that traveling with the person you love is the best. Even if it’s only because you don’t have to lean on a shoulder of a stranger as you nap in the middle seat.

[h/t: Elite Daily]