5 Ridiculously Clever Ways To Use Mason Jars

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart or some type of crafting wizard to take an average mason jar and transform it into a mind-blowingly useful container. While mason jars are often used for decorative purposes, they’re super functional too. All you need are some basic tools including scissors and a pencil to get started. A few tweaks to the jar lid and you have a brand new gadget for easy storage or use.

Check out these five mason jar lid hacks guaranteed to make your on-the-go life a whole lot easier.

Match Jar

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Always know where your matches are when you need them! For this hack, take a box of matches and trace the top of your mason jar on to the striking pad of the box. Cut out this shape and insert it into the mason jar lid. Boom. Your matches are safe and dry—not to mention easily strikeable no matter where you are.

On The Go Mug

Nothing is worse than a water bottle that leaks. The solution? Swap your mason jar lid with a parmesan cheese lid and never worry about spilling on yourself ever again. Bonus: plastic lids won’t rust in the fridge.

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Easy-Pour Snack Jar

This one is brilliant. Empty a salt container and trace the top of your mason jar on its top. Cut out the shape making sure to include the handy spout on the original salt container. Insert the cut out into the mason jar lid. Add your favorite dry snacks!

Treat Jar

Cut off the top of a juice carton that has also has a cap. Next, trace the top of your mason jar on its top, making sure to include the cap. Insert the cut out into the mason jar lid. Fill the jar with chocolates and candies and you’re all set.

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Portable Dip Jar

For your snacks that require dip, this hack is perfect. Clean out an applesauce container and simply insert it between the two parts of your mason jar lid. Voila! You have an easy way to keep your dip separate, yet handy.

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Check out the whole DIY video below for instructions on how to change up these plain jars into some creative household items!