5 co-workers at Ohio pediatrics office were pregnant at the same time

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It’s always a big deal when you find out a co-worker is pregnant — but what if you found out 20 percent of your co-workers were pregnant?

Five of the 23 staff members that work at Franklin Park Pediatrics in Toledo, Ohio were recently pregnant at the same time. It’s been kind of crazy for these women to wrap their head around the fact that their children will grow up together — but it’s been amazing for these women to be surrounded by people who understand what they’re going through, in real-time!

A staff member for the pediatrics office told People magazine that once they found out a total of five staffers were expecting — the news was “shocking.”

“It was quite shocking at first, but we’re so super excited for them,” Jen Matuszewski told People. “But it’s nice because they all have each other to turn to.”

All but one mommy decided to announce the sex of their baby, and as you can see from the Facebook photo above, the office is expecting to add three girls, one boy and one surprise to its family!

Built-In Support System

And it didn’t take long for the mommies-to-be — Jessica Mielcarek, Anni Portocarrero, Meghan Keil, Kathy Krueger and Stephanie Holt — to realize just how crucial this type of built-in support system was going to be.

“It’s nice to share everything and go through things together. You can just pull someone aside and say, ‘OK, this might sound weird or gross, but is this normal? Has it happened to you?'” Portocarrero told Popsugar. “We save each other calls to our doctors all the time.”

And this is important because, indeed, there are quite a lot of changes your body goes through that people don’t always tell you about during and after pregnancy! So, it’s nice that these women can talk to each other because sometimes women are left to go through this on their own — or empathize with the few people who are outspoken about these kinds of things.

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Baby Boom

The Toledo women are all due within six months of each other and, as of June 2, the babies began rolling in! Mielcarek, the first of the five to announce her pregnancy, gave birth to a baby boy.

According to the Franklin Park Pediatrics Facebook page, baby Xander was born at 1:30 a.m. weighing 7 pounds and 9 ounces.

Thankfully, the office is making preparations to accommodate the five office members who will likely have overlapping maternity leave times. They’ve already begun training two new staff members so they’re “covered and other babies are taken care of while our staff are having babies,” Mielcarek explained to People.

Congratulations to the four other expectant mommies and to the new mom and baby Xander! What a special time for all those at Franklin Park Pediatrics!

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