5 Things Gordon Ramsay Says Everyone Should Know How To Cook

To celebrate the release of his video game, Gordon Ramsay Dash, the master chef hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA).

One Reddit user asked the famous chef what he considers the five dishes everyone needs to know how to cook. In true Ramsay fashion, the chef did not hesitate to dish advice to his fans.

Here are the five dishes Chef Ramsay says we all need to know how to cook:

1. A Great Burger

“Everyone enjoys a great burger, so that’s really important,” Ramsay wrote on Reddit. His burger secret? Butter and tougher bread.

2. A Really Good Breakfast

Once upon a time, Ramsay taught Jimmy Kimmel how to make his famous scrambled eggs (or at least tried to). But, he suggests breakfast could also be a smashed avocado, a poached egg or an omelet.  If you want to take his suggestion to new culinary heights, try out his recipe for North African Eggs.

3. A Braising Dish

Ramsay said we all need to know how to make a braised dish. “Like a braised short rib because it’s the kind of thing you can cook on a Monday and still eat on Friday.”

4. A Chicken Dish

The chef also explains it’s important to have a go-to white protein dish.  So, whether that’s “sautéed chicken or even a delicious marinade with chicken caesar salad,” Ramsay suggests having a signature chicken dish, like this jerk chicken recipe.

5. An Amazing Cake

He says the cake can actually be as simple as a brownie or blondie recipe. The important thing, the chef notes, is whom you share it with. “Taking amazing desserts, as a gift, to somebody and eating it with them is so much more enjoyable then buying them a scarf.” We couldn’t agree more. Ramsay’s recipe for golden blondies with cranberries definitely gives us the warm and fuzzies.