5 Non-Traditional Wedding Shower Trends To Shake Things Up

Because we're all tired of the same old shower.

If you’re a woman over a certain age, you’ve likely been to countless bridal showers. While it’s always fun celebrating the milestones in a loved one’s life, sometimes showers can be… a bit of a chore. Between cheesy games and watching someone open the same old gifts, it can be a less-than-exciting way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Modern showers are mixing it up with themes, activities, different cuisines and more. Whether you’re throwing a shower soon or about to tie the knot yourself, check out this list of fun and unique wedding shower trends to try right now.

1. Make it a couples’ shower.

Hey, a marriage is about two people, not just the bride, so who says the shower has to be a women-only affair? Inviting couples (and guests of both genders) ensures that everyone gets a chance to celebrate the upcoming nuptials and happy couple. This also works well for same-sex couples who are getting hitched. A couples’ shower is closer to a cocktail or dinner party than it is to your traditional bridal shower, and is a super-fun way to get everyone together before the big day.

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2. Try a display shower.

A shower usually consists of three parts: eating, some games and opening the gifts. The last part tends to take a long time, sometimes too long. We’ve all been there before, trying to stifle a yawn as the bride opens her third sets of wineglasses. A display shower eliminates all that. The idea is that guests bring their gifts unwrapped, and they are all “displayed” openly at the shower so you can check out the stash as you walk by. This way, there’s more time spent socializing, and the guest(s) of honor can check out their haul from the comfort of their home!

display shower

3. Incorporate a fun activity in lieu of games.

Instead of the same old games played at every shower, why not get crafty or try something interactive instead? Try a professional lesson like makeup application or cooking. Or, try a crafting station where guests can make flower crowns or mix up a unique scent at a perfume bar. Other options include a wine or beer tasting, a cupcake decorating station or creating a scrapbook for the couple to enjoy for years to come. The possibilities are endless!

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4. Make it a honeymoon shower.

Many couples these days have already lived together for some time before they officially tie the knot, so they don’t have a need for traditional shower gifts like dishes, sheets and towels. Enter the honeymoon shower. Instead of pots and pans, guests give gifts that the couple can use toward their honeymoon—think gift cards for massages or restaurants or just plain cash. A fun way to expand on this theme is to have the food and drinks at the shower match the honeymoon destination. For example, if the couple is going to Hawaii, make the shower a luau.

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5. Dive into a theme.

Instead of just going for a generic soiree, take the bride’s (or couple’s) interests and make a theme of it. For the prim and proper, try a traditional tea party complete with scones and finger sandwiches. Other ideas include a Mexican fiesta, a backyard bonfire or a sophisticated cocktail party.

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