5 Year-Olds Dig Tunnel To Escape From Preschool, Because Freedom

This sounds like a scene right out of a movie, like Clint Eastwood’s Escape from Alcatraz.  But this actually happened in a school in the Russian city of Magnitogorsk. Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda reports that two young boys tunneled their way out of preschool using toy shovels. Apparently, they were on the quest to check out a luxury Jaguar sports car. After escaping, they walked more than a mile to the Jaguar car dealership.

The Chelyabinsk regional interior ministry said  “We don’t have any details yet, we can only confirm the fact itself.”

Komsomolskaya Pravda interviewed the staff of the preschool. The staff said that the kids had been digging a hole under the fence for days.  Obviously these clever kids had a well thought out plan.

The boys’ parents did not press charges, but the the authorities have since fired the supervisor in charge of the kids during the time of the “escape.”

Photo by Creative Tools