This $50 Amazon product soothed my pregnancy insomnia


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After I found out my husband and I are having a baby, I prepared myself for months of insomnia. Nearly 80% of women lose sleep during pregnancy, thanks to a number of rotating symptoms. As my pregnancy progresses, I struggle with a new issue every week, from restless leg syndrome and heartburn to back pain and discomfort from a growing belly.

At week 12, my restless leg syndrome and achy hips inspired me to pull the trigger on a maternity pillow. That’s when the Queen Rose pregnancy pillow came into my world. I ordered the $50 U-shaped body pillow from Amazon after a friend (who just had a baby) told me it helped her stop tossing and turning all night long.

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I excitedly unpacked the 55-inch pillow, which arrived at my doorstep neatly vacuum-sealed with a silky blush pink cover. But it seemed too bulky, even for our king-size bed, and didn’t elevate my legs in a way that alleviated my sore feet, calves and thighs. So banished the pillow to our guest room — until I reached my third trimester and my abdomen grew noticeably rounder every week.


$50 at Amazon

That’s when the insomnia hit me at full force. I no longer had restless leg syndrome (this magnesium-infused cream really helped with that issue, if you’re dealing with it, too). But the increased soreness in my back and belly area made it impossible to get into a cozy sleeping position. After laying in bed with three different standard-size pillows under my head, back and stomach for a few nights, my husband suggested I bring the maternity pillow back into the picture.

His suggestion was a game changer. While the pillow still feels like a bulky addition to our bed (it definitely makes it harder to cuddle with your partner), the accessory provides the ergonomic support I need to get comfortable (it has subtle grooves that support the back and abdomen). I still wake up in the middle of the night but can sleep for up to three or four hours at a time, which I couldn’t do without it.

I am now 36 weeks pregnant and know I wouldn’t have gotten as much rest over the past few weeks without “my pink palace,” which is what my husband calls the pillow. I even love lounging in my plush throne during the day, when a bout of pregnancy fatigue hits me suddenly or I’m feeling achy. I’m not sure what we’ll do with it once our baby boy arrives in a few weeks — but I have an inkling that it’s a permanent addition to our home.

You can get the 55-inch Queen Rose pregnancy pillow with a silky soft cover (available in a variety of colors, including pink, blue, gray and natural beige) on Amazon for $49.99-$55.99 — and some versions have coupons up to 20% off available right now. The removable cover is washable and also comes in different fabrics so you can choose the texture you prefer.

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