The Foodiggity founder reimagined the 50 states as clever food puns

If you like a good pun, you’re going to love Foodiggity founder Chris Durso’s photos of all 50 states created with food, all with clever, pun-based names, such as: Tuna-see. (Giggle.) Check out the whole cheeky collection here.

Durso’s photos have been¬†printed on a number of products that are for sale in the Foodiggity Shop, including posters, T-shirts and stickers. Read on to see some of the funniest (punniest?) ones.


If you had to pick a food to associate with Pennsylvania, you might choose a Philly cheesesteak. Durso went with Pretzel-vania.

New York

The home of the Big Apple looks good enough to eat as New Pork.


Normally associated with potatoes, Idaho gets a sweet makeover as Pie-daho.


This west coast state is filled with health nuts, so of course it’s aptly named Kale-ifornia.


This state out out of the Pacific Northwest is transformed into your favorite campfire snack. Ladies and gentleman, I give you S’more-gon.

West Virginia

Run, run as fast as you can to take a bite of the West Virgingerbread Man.


If you’re a fan of guacamole, you might want to take a trip Avo-colorado.


Home to lots of lakes, you might make a big catch in Fishigan.

New Jersey

If you’re craving a protein-filled snack, head on over to New Jerky.


Using canned cheese, Durso molded the indulgent-looking Loueasycheesiana.

Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s capital becomes a root vegetable with Squash-ington, D.C.

South Dakota

One of the Dakotas get a brand name shout-out with South DaCocoa Puffs.


This East Coast state gets a chewy makeover as Baconnecticut.


This one’s a bit of a stretch, but I’d still love to take a bite out of a warm Ohioatmeal Raisin.


Fans of the Lone Star state will be happy to dig into some Tex-Mexas.

Which one is your favorite? Would you wear your home state’s food pun with pride?