Time To Change Your Email Passwords Again: 560 Million Logins Have Been Hacked

And here's a new list of accounts leaked.

How To Protect Your Passwords

Kromtech made the breach announcement as a warning for online users to keep their information secure.

“We wanted once again to highlight the importance of changing the passwords, because more and more malicious actors seem to exploit the data grabbed from previous leaks and hacks,” said Kromtech researcher Bob Diachenko.

Kromtech teamed up with Troy Hunt, owner of the website Have I Been Pwned, to confirm the account information that remains at-risk. Through this website, Hunt collects the number of websites and accounts that have been hacked in recent years. Users simply put in their username or email address to find out their data status: safe or hacked.

Hunt wants internet users to know that online attackers “are weaponizing large collections of credentials for a wide variety of sources.

The best protection against this type of attack? Keep your passwords secure by doing the following:

  1. Don’t use the same username and password for all your accounts. If you use the same login credentials for all your accounts, once a hacker gets one, he gets access to all your information.
  2. Get a password keeper to help remember your login credentials. You can download a password keeper app for free or just a couple of dollars. And isn’t it worth a little money for security and peace of mind when it comes to our sensitive computer information?

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