576 Border Collies Gathered To Raise Money For Charity, Break Unofficial Record

BCOSA World Record Attempt/Facebook

Anytime there are this many dogs in one place, it’s bound to be a good time! 576 border collies gathered together in Australia to raise funds for a charity. And they also happened to break the unofficial record for the most border collies in one place.

The Border Collie Owners of South Australia organized the even with the goal of beating the previous record in mind. The number to beat was 503. So they definitely reached their goal—and then some!

Unfortunately, the record will remain “unofficial” because Guinness World Records does not accept records that are breed-specific.

But really, who cares? These dogs are winners and “official” record holders in our minds!

Event organizers donated the money raised to the Guardian Angel Animal Rescue in South Australia. Together the 576 pups and their owners raised $6,000.

The organizer behind the event, Yvonne McGrath, was most impressed not by the sheer amount of dogs, but by how well-behaved they were.

“I couldn’t believe how good they were,” she told Australian news outlet News.com.

But, according to Dr. Stanley Coren’s book “The Intelligence of Dogs,” border collies are the smartest of all dog breeds.  So it makes sense that they’d be a) well-trained and b) on their best behavior for the big record-breaking day.

The people gathered for the event (dog-owners or not) said they had a fun time at the event.

“We wanted to go down and see all the dogs just hanging out (because) it’s pretty cool to have so many dogs together,” Manny Mendes, who took his family to the event, told News.com. “It was really awesome actually.”

Social media calls event ‘doggy heaven’

And all those who couldn’t make the event are living vicariously through those who were there online. One Facebook user called this “doggy heaven.”

Others on Twitter can’t get over the fact that this cuteness overload was for charity.

If you missed out, this wasn’t the first breed-specific gathering, and it surely won’t be the last. There have been corgi and dachshund get-togethers in the past, too.

Yes, they’re just as cute as you’d imagine.

So, anyone up for trying to beat the number 576? If so, gather your border collies and post about them online. Because really—the Internet could always use more adorable dog content, if you ask us.

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