6 Clever Ways You Never Thought To Use Deodorant

When it comes to deodorant, most of us just quickly swipe our underarms and then move along. However, deodorant has more uses than just keeping our armpits from being sweaty and smelly. Using it in creative ways can help us save time and money treating other ailments that we didn’t even know were possible. Since most of us keep the product in our bathroom anyway, it’s good to know the variety of ways you can put deodorant to use.

Next time you have something you need to treat or prevent, consider these six creative ways you can use deodorant.

1. To Prevent Blisters

If you have some new shoes that have been rubbing against your feet and causing painful blisters, rub on some deodorant. The gel kind especially helps lubricate the skin, reducing friction and minimizing painful contact.

shoe photo
Photo by Sam Howzit

2. To Protect Against Chafing

That annoying rubbing feeling between your thighs can be avoided with a little bit of deodorant. The silicone helps smooth out your legs while the antiperspirant also takes out some of the moisture, which can contribute to chafing.

legs photo
Photo by Zane Mulligan

3. To Banish Foot Odor

Deodorant is not only good against protecting against body odor, but it can help with unwanted food odor too. Rub some on your feet to help with the smell, and make sure that the kind you are using is an antiperspirant to prevent your feet from sweating in your shoes.

foot photo
Photo by SharonaGott

4. To Stop A Squeaky Door Hinge

Have a squeaky hinge on your door that won’t stop bugging you? Deodorant to the rescue again. Rubbing the product onto a door helps eliminate that annoying squeaking.

door hinge photo
Photo by frumbert

5. To Soothe An Insect Bite

If you have an itchy insect or mosquito bite, roll-on deodorant can help reduce pain and swelling, as one of the ingredients is aluminum chloride, which can help fight that pesky itchiness. Carrying a mini-size in your bag is great during the warm seasons, not only to keep you smelling great, but to arm you against the nuisance of an insect bite.

insect bite photo
Photo by TMAB2003

6. To Prevent Razor Burn

Do you find that you have bumps whenever you finish shaving? A little trick is to rub on some deodorant post-shave, which can help prevent chafing and razor burn. According to Cosmopolitan, an unscented Dove stick works best.

razor photo
Photo by mjtmail (tiggy)

Photo by IK’s World Trip

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