6 Exercises To Get The Best Butt Of Your Life

When it comes to getting into shape, don’t forget about one of your most important assets – your glutes. Reform your rear end with a few easy exercises that will tone, shape, and lift your backside. Whether your looking to wear skinny jeans or tighter clothes, feel confident flaunting what you’ve got with these essential workout moves.

1. Lunges

This is your classic lower body exercise. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself into the lunge position by stepping one leg forward, and lowering yourself until your thigh is at a ninety degree angle. Your back leg should be bent slightly as well. Go slow with this move in order to gain its full effect.


2. Leg Lifts

Simply lay on your side with legs stacked on top of each other. Shift your hips forward, point your top toe downward, and lift your top leg leg straight up in the air. Watch this informative video to maximize results.

3. Squats

With your legs shoulder-width apart, lower your body until your thighs are at a ninety degree angle. Your backside should be parallel with your thighs. This move is essential for a toned rear end.


4. Rear Leg Raises

While you’re standing straight, keep your your legs shoulder-width apart. With your hands on your hips for balance, lift your leg off the ground behind you. Raise your leg behind you until you feel your muscles tensing. Afterwards, return to resting position. This move is all about motion control. In order to make this move effect, make sure to take it slow.

5. Kickbacks

Place yourself on the floor with your knees bent and arm in front of you. Basically, a pushup position with your knees bent. From here, stretch out one of your legs and raise it. Pulse your straightened leg by raising and lowering off of the ground. This move really works your lower body muscles.

6. Rainbows

This move is great for those who want to feel the burn. Start by placing yourself into a pushup position. From here, stretch your leg to the side. Tap the ground and then proceed to move your leg back to the starting position while you raise it in the air. From here, cross the same leg across the other, and tap the ground. You leg should be making a “rainbow” shape across your body.