6 Habits To Adopt For A Healthier Travel Experience

Getting ready to travel? Before you hit the road, take stock of your diet and fitness goals. Whether you are looking to eat right or simple keep your energy up, there are many ways to stay healthy while traveling.

From food to fitness, you’re in control of how to stay in shape while commuting for business or pleasure. Are you feeling sleepy, tired, or overly stimulated? It could be from health habits. Here are a few of my favorite tips on eating right and staying fit while traveling.

1. Choose Water

When it comes to traveling, it’s easy to get dehydrated. While you’re in route to your destination, ask for water over sugary, caffeinated beverages. This way you can keep your body hydrated while your on the go.

My tip: Keep your own refillable water bottle on hand, so that you can fill up at any rest stops or airports. This will also save you some dough, as airport hydration is expensive and some flights now charge for water.

water bottle photo

2. Snack Wisely

Sugary candy or salty chips tempting you? Don’t let them. Opt for energy-boosting trail mix instead. Nuts and dried fruit are a great way to stimulate energy without crashing later on.

trail mix photo
Photo by SweetOnVeg

3. Choose Better Side Options

Eating out while on the road? Opt for a side salad instead of salty french fries. This way you can get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals without any added sodium.

salad photo
Photo by junyaogura

4. Walk To Your Terminal

Traveling by air? Walk to your terminal instead of using automated walkways or buses if time permits. This way you will work your muscles, while getting to your destination.

airport photo

5. Bring Hand Sanitizer

Don’t let pesky germs get you sick. Make sure to bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer while you are out and about. This way you can combat germs while on the go.

hand sanitizer photo
Photo by Valerie Everett

6. Stretch It Out

Feeling a little tense? It may be due to muscle tension. Stretching out your muscles ever few hours will help keep your blood circulating properly.

stretch photo