6 Quick Ways To Save A Chipped Manicure

It can be tough to keep a manicure intact, and for those of us who have gone out in public with chipped nails more times than we’d like to admit (I’m right there with you), those days can now come to an end.

I’ve been reading up on how to rescue a manicure in a way that will be quick and easy.

These 6 tricks can keep your nail polish looking good for longer, and the best part is that they can all be completed in 10 minutes or under. Including drying time!

It was important, at least for me, to learn ways to cover a chipped mani that weren’t time consuming because I always remember that my nails need to be fixed at the last minute.

Instead of completely redoing your nails, these methods are simple touch-ups that will get you through until you can schedule your next manicure, or, you know, paint your nails yourself at home like me. A girl’s got to stick to the budget here people!

Make your manicure look fresh again with these 6 easy fixes:

1. Use The Touch-Up Method

This way is super easy and best for those moments when you’re in a real rush. Simply use the same color your nails are already painted and fill in any chip marks. The texture may no be perfect, but no one else will be able to notice that. All they’ll see is an unchipped coat of paint.

one glitter nail photo
Photo by Idhren

2. Take Advantage of The Negative Space Trend

So, it’s pretty trendy at the moment to have unpainted areas on your nail, or “negative space,” if you will. So embrace this! Got an area that’s chipped? Remove some of the paint in that area to make a cool design on your nail. At least that way your lack of lacquer is intentional!

3. Go The French Route

If chipping is happening near the tip of your nail, choose a color that will stand out against your current polish and paint the end to create a French manicure. Et voila! How simple was that?

french manicure photo
Photo by sunshinecity

4. Get Fancy

If you’re good at painting designs, feel free to add some to any area that may be chipped. If you’re not so great with nail art, try doing something simple like stripes or polka dots to hide any imperfections.

one glitter nail photo
Photo by Lelê Breveglieri

5. Make An Accent Nail

Sometimes one nail will chip more than the rest, if that’s the case, you can easily cover that nail with an entirely different color. Now, you have an accent nail. How fun!

one glitter nail photo
Photo by Shélin Graziela

6. Add Glitter

All things get better with a little glitter, if you ask me. If you’ve got an area that’s chipped, cover that half of your nail with glitter polish. Or, if you’re feeling really lively, cover the whole nail in glitter! That will definitely distract from any chipping!

one glitter nail photo
Photo by …love Maegan

Try out these fun suggestions to make your manicure last longer. When you’re crunched for time, these tricks of the trade will have your nails looking fresh in no time!