6 Reasons Why The Bottle Flipping Craze Is A Good Thing

The water bottle flipping craze started with one teen’s performance at a high school talent show where he flips a half-filled water bottle and it lands squarely on its bottom. And… that’s it. That’s the performance. The catch, it turns out, is that this trick isn’t quite as simple as it sounds.

[youtube id=”GdUVtEeg9I4″]

If your children have gotten in on the fun, you’ve probably endured the constant repetitive “thump, thump, thumping” of a water bottle smacking the counter, table, floor or any other creative landing zone one can find. You’ll also likely relate to the temptation to shout “Stop with the bottles!”

The reality is: Your kids’ bottle-flipping obsession is one you should encourage and here’s why.

1. Anyone can get involved

No matter the age, ethnicity or socioeconomic class, Americans across the country are cheering, encouraging and high-fiving one another as they attempt to land bottles.

2. There is a physics lesson in there somewhere

From gravity to momentum to mass, these concepts are all present in the flipping of one bottle. Understanding these concepts will probably help kids better land their bottles, so there’s a good incentive to learn them.

3. It’s not a video game

I’ve literally watched a child walk up and see both a water bottle and tablet sitting on the table. The child smiled and grabbed the bottle over the tablet. Now that’s progress!

4. Great way to reuse

Despite everyone’s best efforts to go green, there are more water bottles in the world than we know what to do with. So why not flip them?

5. Keeps you hydrated 

It seems that the most successful landings come about when the bottle is three quarters of the way empty. So anytime you grab a fresh bottle for flipping, you must first consume the majority of the water.

6. Encourages outdoor play

Send those bottle flippers outside to see what they may be able to land it on. A rock, tree stump or bench all serve as excellent platforms.