6 Skills You Need At Work That Have Nothing To Do With Your Job

When it comes down to getting hired for a job, we all know the importance of mastering the basics: get a degree, create a great resume, be impressive in your interview. But when it comes down to thriving at a job, there’s more to just being an expert in your field and able to get your daily tasks done.

Although having these qualities might help you get through the door, there are other skills that are essential for you to know if you’re striving for true success in the workplace.

1. Writing

Even if you’re not an author or journalist, possessing good writing skills is key. Considering how much communication is done via email, it’s essential you know how to express yourself clearly and intelligently, no matter the field you’re in.

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2. Time Management

Sure, you’re great at what you do, but if you can’t do it on time, this will waste a lot of your employer’s time and can reflect negatively on you.

Managing your time efficiently is key to being more productive, and employers will be more likely to hand over tasks if they know you can deliver at a reasonable pace.

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3. Empathy

If you can’t connect with the people you’re working with, you’re bound to have some problems down the line.

Although it may sometimes seem difficult to read certain people, emotional intelligence is a skill you can cultivate, and open communication can help put yourselves in the shoes of others.

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4. Positive Attitude

It can get easy to get frustrated if you have a few work setbacks or have to work insanely long hours, but having a positive attitude can not only keep you on track, it can even help motivate those around you.

Staying optimistic also makes you more approachable, opening the doors up for collaboration and new ideas.

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5. Organization

If you get the job done, but can’t keep track of what you’re doing, then you’re likely to hit some road bumps.

Keeping your desk clean is one thing, but you should also be able to manage your own tasks and keep note of when you did them and how to access all that information.

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6. Working Well On A Team

Sure, you can get things done on your own, but if you can’t work well with others, you’re less likely to be successful in the workplace.

Studies have even found that you can be more motivated when you feel like you are a part of a team.

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