6 Ways To Avoid Feeling Sad On Sundays

Weekends are great, but when Sunday rolls around, it’s not uncommon to start feeling blue. Even though it’s still part of the weekend, Sunday signifies the end of good times, and it’s one day closer to Monday morning.

“Since we were kids,  Sunday has always been a day of stress, not rest,” psychotherapist Emily Roberts MA, LPC explains. “You were likely anxiously awaiting the upcoming school week, and that means overthinking or prepping for the stress that comes with it. Now, as adults, we start the work week on Monday. Even for people who have odd schedules, our bodies remember that Sundays are stressful.”

However, Sundays aren’t inherently terrible, and you can take a few steps to avoid feeling down in the dumps come Sunday evening. Here are some expert tips on how to get over those Sunday blues.

1. Plan Something Fun Sunday Nights

“Do something special you don’t do all the time, and save it for Sunday evening, when you’re normally feeling the lowest about the weekend ending,” says psychotherapist Kristen Martinez, M.Ed., Ed.S., LMHCA, NCC. “Go bowling, go for a hike and watch the sunset, etc. Do this every Sunday so you have something to look forward to consistently.”

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2. Make A To-Do List For The Week

“Use Sunday afternoon or evening to reflect on the past week and set your goals for the next week,” says Martinez. “Take time to think about what you liked and disliked about the previous week, what you were able to accomplish, and what is still on your to-do list, and get working on how you can meet your goals for the next week.” This will leave you motivated and inspired rather than bummed out.
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3. Keep A Gratitude Journal

Just expressing what you are grateful for can help put you in a better mood and even release stress, according to Harvard Health.

“Gratitude simply means thinking about what you’re thankful for and being mindful of those things,” says Martinez. “You can even think about all of the things you did over the weekend that you enjoyed.”

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4. Stay Off Social Media

Looking at everyone’s fun weekend pictures on Instagram isn’t going to make you feel any better. “Remember, people usually post the best out of 27 selfies, filter it and put a creative spin on their ‘epic weekend,’ when in real life, they may have left their apartment for one hour, had a terrible fight with their significant other, or had a crummy time,” says Roberts. “Avoid social media and spend time doing things in real life.”

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5. Prepare Ahead Of Time

“Many people wait until Sunday afternoon to get organized or finish work-related projects, which exacerbates gloomy feelings,” says life coach Trevicia Williams, Ph.D. “However, completing work and getting organized on Friday before leaving the office, even if it takes an extra 30 minutes, alleviates the stress related to dreading Monday.” If you’ve got laundry to do, do it Saturday morning instead. If you don’t have chores looming over your head for Sunday, you won’t be filled with the same sense of dread.

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6. Allow Yourself To Unwind

Do some yoga, call up a friend, read a book, or watch your favorite movie — and don’t feel guilty about taking the time to yourself.

“Simply watching a funny movie, a hilarious YouTube video, or ten minutes of your favorite comedian has the powerful effect of activating your nervous system and repairing any stress-related damage in your body,” says Williams.

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