6 Ways To Make Heels More Comfortable

Love wearing high heel shoes, but hate the discomfort that they can cause? Shoes are investment pieces meant to tie your outfit together, not meant to cause you pain and misery.

Never suffer from swollen or blistered feet again with a few of these high heel hacks.

1. Try Gel Insoles

Are your high heel shoes straining your feet? Try using gel insoles. The gel cushions your foot to relieve pressure, and prevent any blistering from occurring.

These insoles are great for those who will spending a lot of time in their heels. They truly do change the way you feel in your shoes.

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2. Platforms Are Preferred

Shopping around for high heels, but don’t want to be in pain all day? Try buying high heels with a larger platform at the base of the shoe.

Having a thicker platform balances out the height of the heel, and therefore makes them easier to walk in.

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3. Scuff The Bottoms

Do you find yourself slipping and sliding across the floor when you wear heels? Give your shoes better traction by scuffing up the bottoms with a bit of sandpaper.

Out of sandpaper? Try swiping the bottom of your shoes left to right a few times on the concrete to create horizontal scuff marks that will give you a bit more grip.

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4. Choose Thick Heels

Having a thicker heel makes the shoe a bit more sturdy than your average stiletto.

When you’re shoe shopping, keep in mind that shoes with a thicker heel are typically more comfortable as your weight is more evenly distributed.

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5. Stretch Your Shoes

Don’t have time to break in your shoes? Take your shoe to a cobbler to have them stretched to perfection. Looking for a more DIY option? You can purchase a shoe stretcher online that will give you a bit more wiggle room to your shoes.

Photo by BobMacInnes
Photo by BobMacInnes
Photo by BobMacInnes

6. Use Moleskin

Tired of your ankles’ blistering every time you wear high heels? Use moleskin in the places that your shoes rub against your skin.

Moleskin isn’t made from any animal byproduct, and can be molded to fit any trouble spots. The best part? It won’t fall off half-way through the day like a bandage will.

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